Newsroom In the US, use of the Mitra device is limited to research and non-diagnostic applications. In many countries outside the US, the Mitra device can be used as a sample collection device for clinical diagnostic applications, as referenced in some content.


Neoteryx is focused on delivering simple, quantitative, and automatable microsampling solutions for biological samples which improve welfare, reduce costs, and enable convenient sample collection anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

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by Neoteryx, on August 3,2021

AUGUST 2021 — According to a news item from Peit Kreuzer reporting in Germany for Deutschlandfunk, doping in sports is dominating the headlines as global sports agencies consider new and …

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by Neoteryx, on July 26,2021

TORRANCE, July 2021 — Medical device company Neoteryx announces that to support its customers in research, clinical trials, laboratory services, and healthcare networks around the world, it is releasing a …

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by Neoteryx, on July 2,2021

European research groups, pharmaceutical companies, businesses and health organizations work together to develop personalized treatment options for psoriatic arthritis Dublin, July 2, 2021 – Neoteryx joins a consortium of 26 …

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by Neoteryx, on June 24,2021

June 2021 — According to a research article published online in the June 22, 2021 issue of Science Translational Medicine, data from a sero-surveillance study analyzing blood samples gathered from participants …

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by Neoteryx, on June 3,2021

May 2021 — The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Executive Committee released a Technical Document announcing it approved the use of innovative dried blood spot methods as a new way to …

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