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Avenna Researches Patient-Centric Microsampling with Trajan Devices

December 2023 — Avenna, a biotech company based in the United Kingdom that develops and commercializes tests to support the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs), will use Mitra® microsampling devices based on VAMS® technology from Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan), to conduct a study to identify a more patient-centric blood microsampling method.

Avenna-logoTheir aim is to find a low-volume sampling solution that is minimally invasive, can be easily performed by anyone and enables blood samples to remain stable when they are shipped via standard mail. The research team at Avenna received 100 Mitra devices in Mitra Microsample Collection Kits as an in-kind gift through Trajan's Microsampling Research Support Program.  

Avenna-Microcontainer Blood Collection Method in ProgressThe Avenna team previously provided their study participants with a finger-prick capillary microsampling method using lancets and microcontainers.

This method has led to patient dissatisfaction with the technique, objections to high sample volumes, and sample degradation during shipping. Avenna hopes the dried blood microsampling method they are evaluating with the Mitra devices will help them overcome these challenges.

Our international shipments of blood samples have faced delays at customs, causing samples to remain in transit for longer periods,” said Nina Skorytchenko, CEO, Avenna. “As a consequence, the samples are prone to coagulation and/or hemolysis during prolonged transit times, rendering them unusable for our analytical purposes. These issues not only compromise data quality but also introduce logistical complexities and delays in our research progress. We’re grateful to Trajan for donating the Mitra devices through their Research Support Program, which can help us to identify a more efficient sampling method and also improve customer experience."

Mitra method for easy, precise sample collectionSold under Trajan’s Neoteryx® brand, the Mitra device is based on volumetric absorptive microsampling, which is enabled by a finger-stick with a lancet to absorb a micro-volume blood sample of just 10, 20, or 30 µL from a fingertip.

Mitra devices and Mitra Microsample Collection Kits are registered as CE-IVD (IVDR) products in the UK, Europe and several other regions. Trajan’s Neoteryx microsampling products can be used in these areas to provide decentralized, person-centered, minimally invasive blood collection in both clinical and research settings.

Mitra microsamples are transported as dried blood samples and processed in the laboratory following a dried blood spot (DBS) workflow. 

Avenna-Glycan AnalysisAvenna will use the Mitra devices to conduct an N-glycan analysis feasibility study in two phases.

The first phase will focus on testing the volumetric absorptive microsampling method with Mitra on existing retrospective blood samples in the UK.

The goal is to accurately measure N-glycomics patterns with Mitra microsampling as compared to their current sampling methods. Phase one will also include sample stability and robustness testing at different temperatures. The second phase of the study will involve collecting prospective samples from remote study cohorts in Mexico, Ireland, and Australia, to test the stability of the samples. 

The aim of Avenna’s 2-phase study is to overcome technical and logistical issues with blood sampling, and to gather feedback from patient volunteers about ease of use, diminished physical discomfort, and reduced psychological distress during sample collection. If the Mitra microsampling method is well received by study cohorts and improves sample preservation and standardized research methodologies, it will be considered for future application in both research and commercial settings.  The potential enhancement of the patient experience and compliance would be beneficial for CID science.

About Avenna 
Avenna is a MedTech company focused on using glycomic biomarkers to develop and commercialize precision medicine (PM) solutions for early detection prevention, and personalized treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs), with a current focus in Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD). 

Avenna’s aim is to develop effective, affordable, scalable, and accessible healthcare solutions to help improve precision medicine and extend lives. From a blood sample, the company can reliably measure chronic inflammatory processes from glycomics patterns of immune components in blood. These measures can help healthcare practitioners improve outcomes and personalize treatments for patients with CIDs. Avenna’s blood tests use measurements of general, and disease-specific inflammatory processes prior to the occurrence of tissue and organ damage, providing early warning of disease progression, and a better understanding of the health status. Avenna is expanding into the wellness, regenerative medicine, and biopharmaceutical development sectors. For more information, visit www.avenna.com.   

About Neoteryx by Trajan 
Neoteryx, a world leader in microsampling devices, was acquired by Trajan in 2021. Today, Trajan’s full line of microsampling solutions carry the Neoteryx® brand. Trajan's Neoteryx range of microsampling products provide precise, quantitative remote specimen collection. They are easy to use, virtually painless, and amenable to automated analysis in the lab, easing workflows and enabling decentralized research and healthcare models. The product portfolio includes the Mitra® device based on VAMS® technology and the hemaPEN® that advances both capillary and dried blood spot (DBS) technologies, with more microsampling products in the pipeline. For more information about Trajan, visit www.trajanscimed.com. For more information on microsampling solutions, visit www.neoteryx.com

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Media Contacts: 
Avenna: Nina Skorytchenko, nina.skorytchenko@avenna.com 

Trajan: Amy Miller, WE Communications, amymi@we-worldwide.com 

Explore Neoteryx.com for additional information on microsampling:

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Image Credits: Avenna, Trajan

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