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microsampling product advantages

Our remote specimen collection devices enable accurate microsampling in science and medicine. 

microsampling can replace some unnecessary needle draws...
Consider offering portable devices for convenient sampling anywhere.
microsampling can improve the specimen collection experience...
People can send their specimen samples via the nearest mailbox.
microsampling can fit into the lab workflow...
Dried microsamples interface with commonly used methods & lab instruments.
microsampling can support precision analysis...
Studies show that dried matrix microsamples deliver dependable data.
microsampling can cut costs & boost enrollment...
Decentralized trials & remote sampling can increase recruitment & reduce costs.

our microsampling products


Mitra | VAMS Microsampling

The Mitra® device was developed with volumetric absorptive microsampling for remote collection of blood using the original, patented VAMS® technology.

Its simple design allows virtually anyone, anywhere to collect a precise sample.

Mitra With VAMS


hemaPEN | DBS Next-Gen

The hemaPEN® offers volumetric sampling in a convenient, tamper-resistant pen format that enables simultaneous collection and storage of 4 homogenous blood samples from a single source.

The hemaPEN® is an advance on sampling that uses glass capillaries and DBS substrates.



Harpera | Skin Microbiopsy

The Harpera™ skin microsampling research tool may enable minimally invasive collection & storage of skin cells. It is under development & supplied for investigational use only (IUO).

In future, it may be available as a microbiopsy medical device for therapeutic or diagnostic use.



Mitra Laboratory Tools

Our Mitra® lab tools include 96-Autoracks™ with well plates for manual or high-throughput processing of Mitra® microsamples for method development, plate building, and more! 

Mitra Laboratory Tools


hemaPEN Laboratory Tools

Our hemaPEN® lab tools include an Opening Tool for accessing the DBS samples inside & the hemaPEN®-QC for rapid method development, sample preparation, and more!

hemaPEN Laboratory Tools

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