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microsampling product advantages

Our remote specimen collection devices enable accurate microsampling in science and medicine. 

an extended hand showing a blood drop on a finger
microsampling can replace some unnecessary needle draws...
Consider offering portable devices for convenient sampling anywhere.
a women drops her dried blood samples in a post office box
microsampling can improve the specimen collection experience...
People can send their specimen samples via the nearest mailbox.
a scientist in a laboratory holding a glass container
microsampling can fit into the lab workflow...
Dried microsamples interface with commonly used methods & lab instruments.
A scientist's open gloved hand holds a graphic illustration of dna
microsampling can support precision analysis...
Studies show that dried matrix microsamples deliver dependable data.
a room of men and women sitting in a waiting room
microsampling can cut costs & boost enrollment...
Decentralized trials & remote sampling can increase recruitment & reduce costs.

our microsampling products

Mitra microsampling device-white tips_cartridge update-1

Mitra | VAMS Microsampling

The Mitra® device was developed with volumetric absorptive microsampling for remote collection of blood using the original, patented VAMS® technology.

Its simple design allows virtually anyone, anywhere to collect a precise sample.

Mitra With VAMS

The hemapen device

hemaPEN | DBS Next-Gen

The hemaPEN® offers volumetric sampling in a convenient, tamper-resistant pen format that enables simultaneous collection and storage of 4 homogenous blood samples from a single source.

The hemaPEN® is an advance on sampling that uses glass capillaries and DBS substrates.


the harpera micro skin biopsy tool

Harpera | Skin Microbiopsy

The Harpera™ skin microsampling research tool may enable minimally invasive collection & storage of skin cells. It is under development & supplied for investigational use only (IUO).

In future, it may be available as a microbiopsy medical device for therapeutic or diagnostic use.


the mitra 96-autorack

Mitra Laboratory Tools

Our Mitra® lab tools include 96-Autoracks™ with well plates for manual or high-throughput processing of Mitra® microsamples for method development, plate building, and more! 

Mitra Laboratory Tools

Mitra Collection Kit-CE-IVD

Mitra Collection Kit

Our Mitra® devices can be packaged in Mitra® Collection Kits with instructions, supplies for finger-prick sampling and return-mailing to the lab. Kit boxes are sized for global shipping.

Mitra Collection Kit

hemapen laboratory tools

hemaPEN Laboratory Tools

Our hemaPEN® lab tools include an Opening Tool for accessing the DBS samples inside & the hemaPEN®-QC for rapid method development, sample preparation, and more!

hemaPEN Laboratory Tools

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