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Harpera (IUO)

The Harpera™ tool is under development as a skin microsampling solution with microbiopsy technology to enable minimally invasive collection of skin cells for convenient, scar-free biopsy procedures. This tool is currently supplied for investigational use only.

The Harpera™ may be available in future as a medical device for therapeutic or diagnostic use, after additional testing.

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Harpera micro skin biopsy tool

minimally invasive + scarless + convenient = Harpera

The Harpera™ tool is being developed to offer a minimally invasive, suture-free option for scarless skin microbiopsy. The Harpera is intended to facilitate easier skin microsampling & a portable approach to longitudinal monitoring in studies of skin cancers, skin diseases and conditions.
Harpera tool individually wrapped

Designed for Easy Portability

The small size and portability of the Harpera™ tool make it a user-friendly departure from conventional skin biopsy instruments and more invasive procedures that may require stitches.

The Harpera™ tool is sterilized via gamma irradiation & arrives individually wrapped. 

check-mark-png Rapidly collects a skin sample
check-mark-png Designed as a one-time use tool
check-mark-png Sampling from a variety of cohorts
check-mark-png Ship the sampled tool to the lab

Harpera tool used on an elderly persons hand to take a micro skin sample

Developed for Easy Sampling

Healthcare professionals will appreciate the quick skin microsampling or "microbiopsy" experience offered with the Harpera™ tool.

Early testers reported more comfort and ease for subjects during biopsies with Harpera, as well as faster healing time after sampling.

check-mark-png Small puncture site (0.21mm wide)
check-mark-png Minimal penetration (0.4mm)
check-mark-png No need for local anesthesia/sutures
check-mark-png Scar-free wound closure in 1-2 days

Harpera tool used on the side of the face to take a micro skin sample

Destined for Easier Biopsies

The Harpera™ tool offers many potential benefits for researchers & dermatology experts. It is suited for sampling in sensitive areas, such as the face.
The Harpera is intended to enable remote skin biopsy collection for easy assessment of skin types & different skin conditions.

check-mark-png Enables more frequent sampling
check-mark-png Targets specific areas of lesions
check-mark-png Eases sampling in sensitive areas
check-mark-png Enough cell material for analysis

the future of skin biopsy is at hand

Watch this video report from Pippa Sheehan at Channel 10 News First in Australia to learn how Trajan Scientific and Medical teamed up with researchers at UniQuest, the research commercialization company of The University of Queensland (UQ). The UQ inventors, professors Tarl W. Prow, Peter Soyer and Alexander Bernard Ansaldo, hope this skin microsampling tool can potentially improve skin microbiopsy procedures.

Harpera's future depends on you!

We seek researchers to try out our microbiopsy tool. 

This skin microsampling tool for microbiopsy is designed to collect only the minimal amount of cells required for analytical testing. The aim is to improve the biopsy experience and ensure high-quality results. Please contact us to schedule a consultation about applying the Harpera™ tool.

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