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CliniSciences Distributes Trajan Microsampling Devices in Europe

January 2024 — CliniSciences, a France-based distributor of reagents and instruments for immunology, cell biology and molecular biology in the scientific research and diagnostics sector, has signed an agreement with Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) to distribute its Neoteryx® microsampling solutions. CliniSciences will offer the hemaPEN® and Mitra® microsampling devices in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

CliniSciences logoThe hemaPEN and the Mitra microsampling device based on VAMS® technology are registered in Europe as CE-IVD (IVDR) medical devices for both clinical and research applications. This classification allows CliniSciences to provide the devices to both healthcare professionals and scientists conducting medical patient monitoring, public health studies, decentralized clinical trials and remote wellness monitoring, as well as scientific research.

Home-Based Finger-Stick Blood Collection

Mitra device for finger-stick microsamplingConsidered the gold-standard in volumetric absorptive microsampling, which is an advance on traditional dried blood spot (DBS) sampling, the Mitra device is small and portable, making it ideal for remote use. Its design is suited to both professionals and laypersons, who can easily collect a precise "micro-sized" blood specimen from a fingertip using a straightforward finger-stick method.

Mitra devices, 96-Autorack in LabThe handheld device features an absorbent VAMS® tip that rapidly wicks up a fixed-volume sample of blood. This innovation enables virtually anyone to collect blood samples by following the simple instructions provided with every device and sampling kit. Mitra devices can be used at home, work, in the field, or within a lab or hospital environment.

hemaPEN postFor end-users accustomed to dried blood spot (DBS) sampling, the hemaPEN® offers an easy-to-use variation on that method in a pen-shaped device that simultaneously collects 4 volumetrically identical capillary samples from a single finger-stick or single source.

Click the "pen" shut and 4 DBS samples are locked inside until it the device reaches the laboratory. 

Both devices offer advantages such as ease of use, a minimally invasive collection experience, remote sample collection convenience, quantitative accuracy, and compatibility with automated laboratory instruments for high-throughput processing.  

"Our collaboration with Trajan to offer its Neoteryx® Mitra® microsampling devices to our European customers helps us to expand our services and keep up with recent advances in convenient blood sampling technologies," said Tushendan Rasiah, CEO, CliniSciences.

“CliniSciences' reputation as a key supplier to research and health organizations in Europe aligns with Trajan's commitment to enabling personalized health through innovative tools and solutions," said Minna Salonen, EMEA Microsampling Business Development Director, Trajan. "Additionally, CliniSciences has worked with Trajan successfully for many years to distribute its pathology range of products. This new collaboration enables Trajan to extend the reach of its microsampling solutions to healthcare professionals and scientific researchers across France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and exemplifies our shared commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technologies." 

CliniSciences can help its customers by shipping hemaPEN and Mitra devices and Mitra Microsample Collection Kits directly to their medical patients' or study participants' homes. This remote sample collection service helps to alleviate the patient burden of traveling to labs or clinics for traditional blood draws. The remote microsampling approach has worked well in other regions around the globe to improve accessibility to convenient sample collection.

Mitra Microsample Collection Kit, CE-IVDIllustrated instructions are included with each microsampling device or kit, available in multiple languages.

There are also online video demonstrations at www.neoteryx.com, which help guide individuals through a few easy steps to collect high-quality blood samples for validated lab testing.

Data obtained from hemaPEN and Mitra microsamples is valuable for both clinical diagnostics and research.

Mitra and hemaPEN microsamples are stored and processed as dried blood samples, which eliminates the cold shipping or refrigerated storage that is required with wet blood samples. A dried blood sampling approach reduces the costs and complexities typically associated with transporting biological samples. Once the dried samples arrive in the lab, they are processed following a DBS workflow.

CliniSciences looks forward to delivering the benefits of microsampling to their European customers.

About Trajan Scientific and Medical

Trajan is a global developer and manufacturer of analytical and life sciences products and devices founded to enrich personal health through scientific tools and solutions. We aim to support science that benefits people. Trajan’s products and solutions are used in the analysis of biological, food, and environmental samples. Trajan has a portfolio and pipeline of new technologies which support the move towards decentralized personalized data-based healthcare. Trajan comprises more than 600 people and has manufacturing and operational sites in multiple locations across the US, Australia, Europe and Asia. Trajan’s products and solutions are marketed under multiple product brands and services, including Neoteryx. For more information visit www.trajanscimed.com. For information on Trajan’s Neoteryx range of microsampling solutions, visit www.neoteryx.com.

About CliniSciences
A recognized distributor in the scientific research and diagnostics sector, CliniSciences positions itself as a key player, linking manufacturers of quality products worldwide with researchers in Europe and North America. CliniSciences is positioned to serve both customers and manufacturers. It serves customers by meeting their needs in fields as varied as cell biology, immunology, oncology, biochemistry and plant research. It serves manufacturers by acting as a local intermediary to help them identify and interact with potential customers. CliniSciences sets itself apart by offering a complete range of products, including reagents, consumables, instruments, devices, biological samples, servicescontract manufacturing, and more. The company's team of scientific experts are available to visit customers' laboratories across Europe to discuss their specific needs and offer tailor-made solutions. For more information, visit www.clinisciences.com


New call-to-actionIn some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only

Image Credits: CliniSciences, Trajan

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