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Curious about microsampling?
Here we answer your frequently asked questions.


Are your microsampling devices sterile?

Our Mitra® and hemaPEN® microsampling devices are not sold as sterile products. Our Harpera™ tool is sterilized via gamma irradiation & arrives individually wrapped.

Can I evaluate your microsampling devices before purchasing?

We offer sample devices on a case-by-case basis. One of our Microsampling Specialists will review different device options with you during an initial project consult.

Is special equipment required to process microsamples?

Dried specimen microsamples are compatible with common lab instrumentation, including but not limited to liquid-handling workstations, LC-MS/MS, ELISA, Multi-Plex Immunoassays, and other analyzers. One of our microsampling specialists can provide sample processing details specific to each device.

What steps are needed to implement microsampling technology?

The first step in transitioning from other sampling methods to microsampling is an introductory, initial education phase, which may take about 4 weeks. The next steps involve evaluation and validation. The Neoteryx Microsampling Team and Technical Director can provide support through all the steps:

Education: The introductory phase 

Evaluation: Extraction, linearity & signal-to-noise studies

Validation: Validating your method

See our Microsampling User Guide for details.

What sample matrices are your microsampling devices compatible with?

Our hemaPEN® devices collect blood samples only. Our Mitra® devices are intended to collect capillary blood samples, but some researchers have used them to investigate other types of samples including serum, urine, tears and saliva. Our product portfolio is expanding with the Harpera™ , a new microbiopsy tool that collects microsamples of skin tissue and cells for skin biopsy without sutures or scarring.

Are there any stabilizing agents on your microsampling devices?

Our microsampling devices don’t currently contain any stabilizing agents, though we are now collaborating with another company on a device that stabilizes RNA for research applications. Check back with us soon for updates on that device.

Can you customize a microsampling solution for me?

Yes, in some cases we can customize microsampling formats and collection kits to your needs. This may include additional barcodes, custom instructions, or other details specific to your project. Please ask about available customizations during your consult with one of our Microsampling Specialists.

When will my order of microsampling products ship?

Depending on where you are located, your order may originate from the Trajan Scientific and Medical Production Facility in Malaysia, or from one of our distribution centers in the United States, Europe or Australia. Shipment lead times are dependent upon order volume but, typically, orders ship from Trajan Production within 2 weeks after we receive your purchase order. We encourage you to order with early lead times and follow up with your Microsampling Specialist to help track your order through the shipping process.

What regulatory device classifications are your microsampling devices?

Mitra® devices are intended as a specimen collector and for the storage and transport of blood. They are CE-IVD in the UK and EU, a Class 1 IVD in Australia, Brazil & China, Class B in South Africa, and registered with health agencies in Canada and Ukraine. 

In the USA, Mitra devices are supplied as a Research-Use Only (RUO) product, to assist in method development, other research-related and non-diagnostic activities. Mitra has not been validated for use with any diagnostic testing. 

hemaPEN® is supplied for therapeutic or IVD use in Australia, New Zealand, UK, EU and USA only: ARTG number: 280007; CE mark, general IVD; US FDA number: D410490. Outside of the territories listed above, the hemaPEN is supplied for research use only (RUO) and not for therapeutic or diagnostic use. 
The Harpera™ skin microbiopsy tool is currently supplied for investigational use only (IUO) globally.
Can multiple analytes be measured off one device?

Depending on the method developed and the analytes of interest, multiple analytes can be measured from one Mitra device or one hemaPEN device.

What components are included in your sample collection kits?

Our standard Sample Collection Kits for Adult and Pediatric end-users include one device packed in a specimen bag (for Mitra, a pouch of drying desiccant is included), lancets, gauze, bandages, return shipping envelope, and instructions for use. Ask your Microsampling Specialist how kits may be customized to include additional items, per your project needs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer three options for your purchase of devices from Neoteryx, the microsampling brand of Trajan Scientfic and Medical. Depending on your geographic location, you can pay by credit card in USD only, purchase order (net 30 payment terms) or proforma invoice (prepay by wire transfer). In some regions or special cases, we may request pre-payment. Please contact us for payment specifics: https://www.neoteryx.com/contact-neoteryx 

Do you sell your microsampling products through distributors?

We sell direct to most countries globally except for a few countries, where we work with authorized distributors. Please contact us for country-specific details.

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