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discover devices that enable anyone, anywhere to collect a microsample


Eliminate the challenges of traditional specimen collection for science & medicine with remote devices based on advanced microsampling technologies that deliver convenience with high precision for reliable data & insights.

collect microsamples in the lab, at home, in
the field or facility for science and medicine*

Mitra® with VAMS®

Easily collect up to 120 µL of blood and transport by mail.


This volumetric sampling device overcomes many DBS issues. 


A research tool in development for less invasive skin biopsies.

Lab Tools

Our lab tools help with accessing
& processing microsamples. 

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microsampling has endless applications

You can apply our personalized sampling solutions to advance research and healthcare.

Leverage microsampling for animal studies & the 3Rs of animal research.
Preclinical Research
Offer remote sampling options to improve trial success rates.
Decentralized Clinical Trials
Collect samples easily from diverse cohorts, including adult & pediatric subjects.
Facilitate remote monitoring of study subjects with at-home sample collection.
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Apply microsampling in forensics, PEth monitoring of alcohol & anti-doping.
Use remote collection for disease, serology & epidemiology studies.
Infectious Disease Studies
Eliminate hematocrit issues for greater accuracy in dried blood spot sampling.
Precise DBS Sampling
Enable biological wellness with samples that reveal environmental exposure & other factors. 
Analyze omic data from a precise volume microsample of bio-fluid.

oceans of data from just a few drops

microsampling technology with scientific precision and practical simplicity that provides accurate specimen collection for enhanced analysis across different industries.

join the microsampling movement embraced by top organizations and scientific innovators around the world


… sample collection acceptance rates based on remote specimen collection by end-users


… published materials that demonstrate the scientific accuracy and validity of microsampling.


… of people surveyed prefer nearly painless finger-stick sampling vs. stressful needle draws.


… countries where research organizations are publishing on their microsampling studies.

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