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hemaPEN® is an easy-to-use microsampling device that collects 4 volumetrically identical capillary samples from a single finger-stick. Click it shut & 4 DBS samples are locked inside until lab processing.

Indications for Use: Enables collection of 4 blood samples by a healthcare professional for shipment to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

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volumetric accuracy + sample integrity + convenience = hemaPEN

The hemaPEN® offers a unique approach to capillary sampling with its 4 integrated capillary tubes within the device for easier handling. The glass capillaries simultaneously draw 4 samples from a single finger-stick, transferring 4 blood spots onto a DBS cartridge inside the hemaPEN.
hemapen dbs microsampler collecting a dopr of blood from a finger tip

Easy to Use

End-users like the intuitive pen-like design of hemaPEN® and the fact that a single finger-stick is all they need to rapidly collect four microsamples.

The hemaPEN collects a sample from any angle, so it is nearly impossible to under- or over-sample. This benefits end-users with limited mobility. Offer hemaPEN to remote study cohorts for sampling with ease – anywhere, anytime.

The hemaPEN is a one-time use, low-volume sampling device.

check-mark-png 4 x 2.74 µL DBS samples = 10.96 µL 
check-mark-png Minimally invasive method
check-mark-png Easy to use for a variety of cohorts
check-mark-png Sample collection from any angle
check-mark-png Barcoding to manage chain of custody


a sealed tamper proofed hemapen device being placed within its specimen bag

Easy to Secure, Store & Transport

The hemaPEN® ensures sample security, making it suitable for anti-doping in sports or other programs where sample tampering is a concern.

After end-users collect the samples, they place the point of the hemaPEN into its plastic base and push down until they hear a "click." That locks the hemaPEN shut and also transfers the 4 capillary samples onto 4 pre-punched DBS papers inside.

Re-seal hemaPEN in its specimen bag & ship to the lab. Internal desiccant keeps the samples dry during storage and transport.

check-mark-png Protective, tamper-resistant casing
check-mark-png Specimen bag + desiccant for transport
check-mark-png No cold-shipping...microsamples dry in transit
check-mark-png Barcoding to manage chain of custody 


Easy to Analyze

Labs set up for a DBS workflow should find it easy to adopt hemaPEN microsampling methods. 
A benefit of hemaPEN over traditional DBS cards is that the aliquoting & hole-punching steps are eliminated. This is because the 4 DBS samples in the hemaPEN are collected onto 4 pre-punched, industry-standard DBS filter papers within. 
The hemaPEN is suited for both manual & automated DBS processing workflows. Lab tools available include the hemaPEN® Opening Tool, hemaPEN®-QC, hemaPEN® Tube Accessioning Tool & hemaPEN® 96-Rack Adaptor.

check-mark-png Compatible with standard DBS workflows
check-mark-png Tools available for hemaPEN workflows
check-mark-png High-throughput using 96 well-plates
check-mark-png Process manually using tubes
check-mark-png Leverage standard DBS substrates
check-mark-png Generate accurate quantitative data

how to collect 4 microsamples at once

Watch our video to learn how to simultaneously collect 4 identical DBS samples for accurate lab analysis.

hemaPEN in the Lab

Process Multiple DBS Samples at Once

To help labs process and analyze DBS microsamples manually or in high-throughput we offer the hemaPEN opening tool & hemaPEN-QC.


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