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Mitra Devices

Mitra® devices with VAMS® technology can simplify remote specimen collection and microsampling. Mitra devices are available in formats to fit different projects and budgets, with 10, 20, & 30 µL volume VAMS tips.

Indications for Use: Enables self-collection of a blood sample for shipment to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

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The Mitra Clamshell next to the Purple Mitra Cartridge Microsampler

the gold-standard in remote microsampling

The Mitra® device is a user-friendly microsampling tool for remote specimen collection by virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime. Mitra can help end-users easily collect precise samples at home or work for mailing directly to the lab.
Split screen image of two individuals collecting their own micro blood samples

Choose the Clamshell or Cartridge

Start microsampling for a range of research studies. You can sample cohorts remotely with ease. Two to four Mitra microsamplers featuring either 10, 20, or 30 µL VAMS tips are available in a protective plastic cartridge or clamshell with barcoding for chain of custody.

This simple device provides an economical way for you to get started with microsampling for bioanalytical, operational, and end-user validations.

check-mark-png 10, 20, & 30 µL volumes
check-mark-png Protective outer casing
check-mark-png Barcoding to manage chain of custody


Split screen of the Mitra Cartridge and Mitra Clamshell with their specimen bags.

Individual Device in Specimen Bag

Mitra devices in either the cartridge or the clamshell format are available in resealable specimen bags with desiccant. Mitra is ideal for decentralized clinical trials, remote monitoring or public health programs where sampling by professional staff in a facility isn't feasible.

The device with specimen bag enables you to collect many samples in the field and ship them back to the lab in bulk. You may prefer to insert them into your own all-in-one kit.

check-mark-png 10, 20, & 30 µL volumes
check-mark-png Protective outer casing
check-mark-png Barcoding to manage chain of custody 
check-mark-png In specimen bag + desiccant for transport & storage 

The Mitra Cartridge and Mitra Clamshell next to collection kits

Device in Collection Kit

Mitra devices can be packaged in convenient Collection Kits with instructions, supplies for finger-prick sampling, and a return-mailing envelope. Kit boxes are sized for global shipping. 

check-mark-png 10, 20, & 30 µL volumes
check-mark-png Protective outer casing
check-mark-png Barcoding to manage chain of custody
check-mark-png In specimen bag + desiccant for transport & storage
check-mark-png Contains device & supplies for finger-prick collection 
check-mark-png Includes instructions for use & return shipping envelope
check-mark-png Sized for easy global mailing

how to collect a microsample

Watch our videos to learn how to easily collect a high-quality sample for accurate lab analysis.

Mitra in the Research Lab

Accession & Process Multiple Mitra Samples at Once

To help labs process and analyze Mitra microsamples manually or in high-throughput we offer the 96-Autorack™, empty or filled.

a gloved hand places a mitra sampler in a mitra 96 autorack.

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