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Bioanalytic to Distribute Trajan's Microsampling Devices in Poland

November 2023 — Bioanalytic sp z.o.o has signed an agreement with Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) to be the exclusive distributor of its Mitra® microsampling devices in Poland. The Mitra microsampling device based on VAMS® technology is offered through Trajan's Neoteryx® microsampling brand. It is registered as a CE-IVD (IVDR) medical device for clinical use in Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, and multiple health ministries worldwide.

Bioanalytic, a company that distributes devices and analytical equipment while also offering laboratory support services for scientists and clinicians, worked closely with Trajan to get the Mitra device approved for distribution in Poland.Mitra microsampling device in use at home

The Mitra device makes it easier to monitor non-critical health conditions or treatment effects in health programs, clinical trials and studies. It is a portable blood collection solution ideal for remote use by both professionals and laypersons to collect a "micro-sized" specimen using a simple finger-stick method.

The handheld device is based on volumetric absorptive microsampling technology, made possible by its absorbent VAMS® tip.

This allows virtually anyone to follow the simple instructions provided with each device to collect a precise microsample for analysis in a lab. The Mitra devices can be used at home or work, in the field or lab.

Finger-Stick Blood Collection at Home Using Mitra"The Mitra microsampling device is a revolutionary solution that is gradually changing access to laboratory research worldwide. Some time ago, we embarked on the exciting journey of promoting Mitra in Poland. While many tasks lie ahead, the positive response from the medical community and the initial results of Polish research studies reaffirm our belief that we are dealing with a very effective solution. The decision to collaborate with Neoteryx by Trajan has proven to be an excellent one," said Maciej Stopa, CEO, Bioanalytic.

Many citizens in Poland find it difficult to travel to urban centers for clinic-based health appointments or for clinical trials at research facilities. Mitra devices can be shipped to patients and research volunteers from Bioanalytic on behalf of researchers and service providers within Poland using standard mail. With the availability of Mitra devices, more Polish citizens will be able to provide specimen samples without having to travel to labs or facilities for traditional blood draws.

With the help of the illustrated instructions inside the kits and video demonstrations available online at www.neoteryx.com, people can collect high-quality blood samples for validated lab testing. The data gathered from Mitra microsamples can be used for both clinical diagnostics and scientific research.

The volumetric absorptive microsampling approach is an advance on dried blood spot (DBS) technology. As such, Mitra microsamples don't require cold shipping or refrigerated storage, which reduces the costs and complexities usually associated with transporting biological samples. The Mitra samples are analyzed in labs as dried specimen samples, following a standard DBS workflow.

The benefits of Mitra devices versus other microsampling tools include ease of use, a minimally invasive collection experience, the convenience of remote sample collection, quantitative accuracy, and compatibility with automated laboratory instruments for high-throughput processing.

About Trajan Scientific and Medical

Trajan is a global developer and manufacturer of analytical and life sciences products and devices founded to enrich personal health through scientific tools and solutions. We aim to support science that benefits people. Trajan’s products and solutions are used in the analysis of biological, food, and environmental samples. Trajan has a portfolio and pipeline of new technologies which support the move towards decentralized personalized data-based healthcare. Trajan comprises more than 680 people with seven manufacturing sites across the US, Australia, Europe, and Malaysia, with operations in Australia, the US, Asia, and Europe. Trajan’s products and solutions are marketed under multiple product brands and services, including Neoteryx. For more information visit www.trajanscimed.com

About Bioanalytic sp z.o.o

Bioanalytic was founded in 1998 as a distributor of many renowned manufacturers of analytical and laboratory equipment. For more than 20 years, our solutions have been helping to improve and optimize work in laboratories in Polish and Europe. We have a modern, fully equipped laboratory, where we help our clients develop and implement analytical methods, conduct workshops and trainings. For over 10 years, we have been implementing diagnostic methods in the field of broadly understood biochemical and genetic diagnostics. We are the only authorized sales partner of SCIEX in Poland in the field of sales, service, and application support of mass spectrometers. Bioanalytic also offers laboratory automation equipment, homogenizers, chemical reagents, small laboratory equipment and consumables, and Mitra microsampling devices. All offered products have quality certificates and comply with the requirements of CE-IVD (IVDR). For more information, visit bioanalytic.com.pl

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In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only

Image Credits: Trajan, Neoteryx

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