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A device for precise DBS microsampling.

The hemaPEN® integrates glass capillaries and DBS filter paper in a single device for simple, accurate blood collection.

hemapen dbs collection-device

hemaPEN delivers 4 DBS samples with volumetric accuracy!

The hemaPEN® device combines glass capillary sampling with dried blood spots in a portable "pen." For a precision DBS approach, use hemaPEN to remotely collect 4 DBS blood samples from a single source in one go. Eliminate costly cold-chain storage and shipping. Process samples using a DBS workflow to generate quantitative data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of combining glass capillaries with DBS in one device?

This device eliminates the challenges commonly encountered with either glass capillaries or DBS cards. The tip of the hemaPEN® enables the rapid, precise uptake of 4 samples – simultaneously – from any angle with capillary action via the 4 glass capillaries inside the pen. The design allows sampling from any angle and makes it nearly impossible to under- or over-sample. This is an advantage when sampling cohorts who have limited mobility. By simply turning the pen over and clicking it into its base after sample collection, the end-user easily transfers the 4 capillary samples onto 4 pre-punched DBS filter papers contained inside the pen. 

Why put DBS sampling inside of a pen-like device?

The protective housing of hemaPEN protects the DBS samples inside from contamination or tampering. The desiccant within the hemaPEN enables the 4 DBS samples to dry during transit. This eliminates the hassle of "air drying" DBS cards before shipping. End-users also appreciate the easy handling of hemaPEN® and the fact that a single finger-stick is all they need to rapidly collect four microsamples from a single source. 

In what way is the hemaPEN tamper-resistant?

After end-users have collected the samples, they place the point of the hemaPEN into its plastic base and push down until they hear a "click." This action locks the hemaPEN shut and also transfers the 4 capillary samples onto 4 pre-punched DBS papers inside. The hemaPEN cannot be reopened until it reaches the lab for sample processing and analysis. This tamper-resistance makes hemaPEN ideal for anti-doping in sports or other programs where sample tampering is a concern.

How do we ship the sampled hemaPEN to the lab?

Re-seal the sampled hemaPEN in its specimen bag and place the bag into a pre-addressed stamped envelope for shipping to the lab via regular post. The hemaPEN includes desiccant within the device itself for built-in sample drying convenience during transport and storage. The device is bar coded to ensure sample identity through chain of custody.

In the lab, must we modify the DBS workflow to process hemaPEN samples?

A benefit of hemaPEN over traditional DBS cards is that the aliquoting & hole-punching steps are eliminated from the lab workflow. This is because the 4 DBS samples in the hemaPEN are collected onto 4 pre-punched, industry-standard DBS filter papers within. 

Is the hemaPEN a registered medical device?

The hemaPEN® is registered Class 1 device intended for use as a dried blood spot sample collector. The hemaPEN is supplied for therapeutic or IVD use in Australia, New Zealand, UK, EU and USA only. Outside of these territories, the hemaPEN is supplied for research use only (RUO) and not for therapeutic or diagnostic use. 

Does the hemaPEN collect volumetrically accurate samples?

Yes, the hemaPEN is a volumetric sampling device that collects fixed-volume blood samples in a way that overcomes the hematocrit bias seen with traditional DBS cards. One hemaPEN delivers 4 homogenous dried blood spot (DBS) samples from a single source, with a volume of 2.74 µL per sample, for a total sample volume of 10.96 µL. The suitability of hemaPEN sampling for any analytical application must be evaluated and validated by the laboratory or research institute in a manner consistent with local regulatory requirements. 

Are there educational resources on hemaPEN microsampling?

We provide several technical resources that provide guidance on how to use hemaPEN for microsampling. You can view and download educational materials via our online hemaPEN Resources page. You can also contact a Microsampling Specialist at info@neoteryx.com to request an initial meeting to learn more about how to apply hemaPEN microsampling.

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