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a brief history of at-home sampling

Posted by Neoteryx on Sep 19, 2017 6:46:00 AM

In recent decades, improvements in devices and techniques for at-home blood sampling have cleared the way for simple, accurate, and non-invasive sampling. These developments eliminate the need for patients to travel to a clinic frequently for testing and monitoring.

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5 innovations that will transform animal testing

Posted by Neoteryx on Sep 11, 2017 5:59:00 AM

Technological advancements must facilitate more respectful and productive relationships with our collaborators from the animal kingdom. Animal testing is in the era of the 3Rs, which means replacing, reducing, and refining alternatives.

Animal testing is a necessary component of the pharmaceutical industry's preclinical research. Here are a few areas of innovation that professionals in that field, and adjacent areas, can't afford to ignore.

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livestock: how to comply with regulations

Posted by Neoteryx on Sep 7, 2017 5:00:00 AM

The last case of rinderpest in the world was eliminated in 2001. What was rinderpest? It was a deadly disease of cattle and buffalo throughout history that caused civilizations to fall and millions of people to starve as their work animals and food sources died. Now, like smallpox in humans, it's gone.

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the quantified self movement and how microsampling fits in

Posted by Neoteryx on Aug 29, 2017 6:00:00 AM

With the rapid introduction of self-tracking technology, individuals can monitor their physiological metrics in real-time. The capability allows us to keep within specific rates of exertion and anticipate when something may be going awry. In many cases, medical professionals can track patients remotely to determine current status, progress, or setbacks and make educated clinical decisions.

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unprecedented savings on clinical trials

Posted by Neoteryx on Aug 25, 2017 7:48:00 AM

Our New Cost Calculator Shows How Much You Can Save

Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) is a novel, economical, and innovative specimen collection technology that eliminates classic points of friction from the process of clinical trials. Not only is participant recruitment and compliance positively influenced, but unprecedented savings are achieved by eliminating cold chain shipping and storage. We've seen many customers save money as a result of implementing microsampling.

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microsampling: your ethical, scientific, and financial advantage in animal testing

Posted by Neoteryx on Aug 22, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Smarter Specimen Collection For a Cleaner, Leaner Organization

Microsampling is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. Serial sampling can help you save up to 80% in study cost, animal usage, study length, and drug conservation.

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