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Trajan Distributes RNA Stabilization Solution for Mitra Microsampling

November 2023 – Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) signed an agreement with GenTegra, a developer of biological sample protection solutions, to distribute the GenTegraRNA-NEO Active Chemical Protection™ technology. This technology is an RNA stabilization solution that was designed exclusively for Trajan to be applied to the company's Neoteryx® brand of Mitra® microsampling devices based on VAMS® technology.

gentegra-rna-preservation-solution-dried-blood-collectionThe GenTegraRNA-NEO is for use with the absorbent VAMS® tips on Mitra® devices. Once the device tips have been pre-treated with GenTegraRNA-NEO, the Mitra devices can be dried and then deployed to study cohorts for remote sample collection.

The pre-treated devices are intended to provide researchers with high-quality RNA recovery from dried blood samples. The RNA is expected to remain stable in dried blood Mitra microsamples at ambient temperatures for up to 7 days before extraction. This should allow time for shipping the microsamples to the laboratory for omics studies and other research.

The GenTegraRNA-NEO technology protects against the naturally occurring nucleases and environmental stresses that might typically degrade the RNA in blood samples. Study cohorts can mail their sampled devices to the research lab via standard post, with no cold-shipping or special handling required.

New Potential for Remote, Decentralized RNA-Based Studies with Mitra Microsampling

user-guide-rna-extraction-dried-blood-microsamples_v4A free GenTegra User Guide is available for download from Trajan's Neoteryx website to provide researchers with easy steps for pre-treating Mitra devices with the GenTegraRNA-NEO solution for RNA-based studies.

The guide also walks end-users through the steps for sample processing and extraction in the lab after blood samples have been collected and submitted by study cohorts.

The pre-treated Mitra devices can be used by research staff or laypersons for finger-stick blood collection, following the standard Mitra instructions for use (IFU), as provided on the Neoteryx website.

Gentegra-slideWhen added to the VAMS tips of the microsampling devices, this RNA stabilization solution can help researchers expand their access to remote study cohorts for molecular studies by replacing traditional blood collection techniques that occur in a facility with remote sampling that occurs at home or work and a range of other settings.

The treated Mitra devices may be used in research projects, including studies in miRNA and mRNA therapy development, biomarker discovery, pharmacogenomics, transcriptomics and other omics studies, and clinical trial screening, among others.

Neoteryx Mitra devices offer ease and precision via a volumetric absorptive microsampling method so that accurate blood samples can be collected by virtually anyone, anywhere. The “micro-sized” sample volumes enable research that may not be possible with standard blood collection techniques, including sampling among vulnerable populations and in remote locations where cold storage or specialized shipping are not available.

After collection, Mitra microsamples are shipped and stored as dried blood samples at room temperature, ready for RNA extraction in a lab within 7 days.

“GenTegra is proud to collaborate with Trajan in introducing the GenTegraRNA-NEO Active Chemical Protection™ technology, exclusively tailored for Neoteryx Mitra® microsampling devices,” said Robert (Bob) Barrett, President, GenTegra. “This first of its kind innovative solution not only safeguards RNA integrity in dried blood but also opens new avenues for RNA-based research by enabling convenient, non-invasive blood collection methods. Together, we empower researchers to explore the vast potential of molecular studies from biomarker discovery to clinical research, ultimately advancing the frontiers of science and healthcare."

“RNA research plays a crucial role in scientific studies, offering valuable insights into cellular processes and diseases. Our partnership with GenTegra brings a practical solution to the table, making it easier for researchers to access high-quality RNA samples,” said Stuart Kushon, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Trajan Scientific Americas. “The overwhelmingly positive feedback from early users reinforces the impact of GenTegraRNA-NEO technology coupled with Mitra microsampling devices."

About GenTegra 
GenTegra’s mission is to improve the quality of biological research and medical care by protecting and preserving sample integrity. Biological test results are only as good as the quality of the sample. By providing industry leading stability technology and products, GenTegra enables customers to achieve reliable results. GenTegra-developed products include sample stabilization products for a wide variety of applications including, RNASeq for genomics and transcriptomics, DNA analysis of forensic samples from crime scenes, or whole blood from patient-directed sampling devices. Our sample stabilization products impact outcomes in clinical, research, and other life science applications.

For more information about microsampling with this Active Chemical Protection™ technology, visit our the GenTegraRNA-NEO Solution page.

For more information visit www.trajanscimed.com.

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