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GenTegraRNA-NEO for Microsampling (RUO)

Did you know that RNA can remain stable in a blood sample stored for more than 3 days at room temperature? With the GenTegraRNA-NEO solution, an Active Chemical Protection™ (ACP) technology by GenTegra supplied by Trajan for use on Mitra® blood microsampling devices, this is now possible! The protection solution arrives as a lyophilized powder that you rehydrate in the lab. It can be applied to VAMS® tips on Mitra® devices to stabilize and preserve RNA at ambient temperatures for 7 days prior to extraction for your research applications.

Sample Stability for 7 Days (Shipping)
RNA Therapy Development
Genetic Determinants of Disease
Disease Pathogenesis
Clinical Trial Screening
Biomarker Discovery

GenTegraRNA-NEO for Microsampling to Extract High-Quality RNA

The Mitra microsampling device based on VAMS paired with GenTegraRNA-NEO offers cutting-edge RNA stabilization technology at room temperature with the sampling industry's leading volumetric absorptive microsampling device, helping you advance RNA research to the next level.
No cold storage freezers are needed!
Pre-Treat Mitra Devices in the Lab

Treat Microsampling Devices

GenTegraRNA-NEO arrives in your research lab as a dry matrix in a tube. Follow the steps outlined in the GenTegra User Guide to treat the VAMS® tips of the Mitra® devices with the rehydrated GenTegraRNA-NEO solution. 

When the matrix in the tube is rehydrated, there is sufficient volume to treat 32 VAMS tips, or 8 Mitra devices (4 microsamplers in each device).

You can use the Mitra 96-Autorack™ with 4 tubes of GenTegraRNA-NEO solution to treat 96 Mitra devices in a standard 96 well conical bottom microplate. The treated Mitra devices can be used exactly as you would the untreated Mitra devices.

Benefits for your research applications include:

check-mark-png Quantitative RNA recovery (0.125-0.150 ng)
check-mark-png High-quality RNA (3.0-8.0 RIN) 
check-mark-png Easily store & ship treated Mitra devices
check-mark-png RNA-stable for 7 days at ambient temps

Compatible Applications:
check-mark-png tRNA extraction from blood
check-mark-png mRNA, miRNA from blood


Offer Easy, Remote Sample Collection

Finger-Stick Microsampling for RNA Studies

Researchers can offer Mitra® devices that have been pre-treated with the GenTegraRNA-NEO solution to collect blood microsamples for a range of RNA studies. The treated devices can be used to sample cohorts onsite or remotely with ease.

The GenTegraRNA-NEO solution is typically paired with a 4-sampler Mitra device format featuring 30 µL VAMS tips. The devices arrive in a protective plastic housing that has barcoding for chain of custody.

check-mark-png 4 x 30 µL blood samples  
check-mark-png Minimally invasive method
check-mark-png Easy to use for a variety of cohorts
check-mark-png Sample collection for RNA research
check-mark-png Barcoding to manage chain of custody


Enable Stable Shipping, Simple Processing

Samples Remain RNA-Stable for 7 Days

Blood samples collected using the GenTegraRNA-NEO treated Mitra devices are stable at room temperature for up to 7 days. The GenTegraRNA-NEO technology protects against naturally occurring nucleases and environmental stresses that could potentially degrade the RNA sample.

The treated Mitra devices overcome some of the common challenges associated with RNA research, providing benefits that include:

check-mark-png RNA-stable w/out cold shipping or storage 
check-mark-png Remote sampling w/out trained staff
check-mark-png Access to diverse & underserved populations
check-mark-png Rapid processing using 96 well-plates
check-mark-png Manual processing using standard tubes
check-mark-png Quality samples generate reliable data
check-mark-png Compatible with standard DBS workflows

Promega Provides App Note for Automated RNA Purification on Trajan Microsampling Devices for RNA-based Studies

Researchers at Promega have published an application note demonstrating a method for purifying Total RNA, including miRNA, from whole blood collected on the VAMS® tips of Trajan’s Neoteryx Mitra® devices treated with GenTegraRNA-NEO™ solution using the Promega Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Blood Kit and Maxwell® RSC Instrument.

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Cellecta Researchers Profile RNA Biomarkers in Dried Blood Microsamples

Using Mitra® microsampling devices that were pre-treated with GenTegraRNA-NEO for RNA stabilization before blood collection, Cellecta researchers analyzed the samples with the DriverMap™ Targeted RNA-Seq Expression Profiling Technology 19K Panel and the DriverMap™ T/B Immune Marker Panel to effectively detect up- and down-regulated genes in blood microsamples.

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Download the GenTegraRNA-NEO User Guide!

Add Active Chemical Protection™ of RNA to VAMS® Tips on Mitra® Devices


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