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capillary blood sampling applications in health and wellness


Capillary blood microsampling is a simple procedure that allows participants to draw their own blood in small, precise, useful amounts. This makes it easy to collect samples anywhere, which opens the door for a host of innovations in consumer health and wellness

The use of quantitative blood microsampling is gaining traction in the health and wellness industry. By drawing precise, small volumes of blood, microsampling allows you to take advantage of more specific testing, precision medicine, and a whole lot more in the booming consumer health and wellness sector.

Capillary blood collection: What’s the big deal?

With the help of technology, it has become easier for medical experts to find connections and innovations in the health and wellness sector. Among the technological advances from which medical facilities have benefited is capillary blood sampling.

Despite being around for decades, it took some time for capillary blood sampling to be perfected for some uses. Over the years, scientists, researchers, executives, and entrepreneurs have come to discover its benefits. Two big reasons to consider capillary blood sampling are:

  1. It is patient-centered: According to research, patients overwhelmingly choose capillary blood sampling over other sampling techniques. It’s more comfortable and quite convenient.
  2. It’s simpler: Capillary blood sampling simply involves a quick prick on a fingertip. This eliminates several processes involved during transportation of a sample obtained otherwise.

Blood microsampling overcomes old limitations

Thanks to capillary blood sampling, there are more and more things that previously required wet samples that can now be done more easily and cost-effectively with microsampling.

And, with advanced technology, using dried capillary blood sampling no longer requires old-fashioned DBS cards. A new capillary blood microsampling system makes it possible for you to acquire volumetric and quantitative samples. These samples are so accurate that, unlike other methods, the hematocrit bias is effectively eliminated. This means your blood samples can generate results that correlate with those from wet blood samples and plasma.

This is just a tip of what capillary blood sampling has made possible. With constant technological advancement, this represents a big step in the right direction of smarter healthcare and myriad new and exciting applications in consumer health and wellness that are just beginning to surface.

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