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Neoteryx Provides Microsampling Devices to Fianostics for COVID-19 Antibody Tests in Austria

scientifc-specimen-collection-mitra-deviceOctober 31, 2022 — Fianostics GmbH in Austria has launched new COVID-19 antibody test kits that include Mitra® devices from Neoteryx, the microsampling brand of Trajan Scientific and Medical. Fianostics develops immunoassays using metal enhanced fluorescence (MEF) systems, which can dramatically increase the analytical sensitivity needed to detect antibodies and other biomarkers in blood samples.

The new COVID-19 kits from Fianostics work in tandem with their FluoBolt™-DUO SN Antibody Test, combined with capillary blood microsamples collected on Mitra devices for detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Fianostics’ antibody test is a high-resolution MEF system that can detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies from dried blood microsamples versus the large wet blood samples required by other systems to detect these analytes. The FluoBolt™-DUO SN Antibody Test Kits from Fianostics are provided at select pharmacies within Austria.

The FluoBolt™-DUO SN Antibody Test Kits are registered for use by trained personnel, but consumers don’t need a physician’s authorization to purchase them. The Kit can be accessed on the www.inoolab.com dedicated website, which explains how to purchase the kit and select a retail pharmacy in Austria where they will receive it, along with sampling assistance from the trained pharmacist at that location. After sampling in the pharmacy, the pharmacist will send the blood samples to an INOOlab partner laboratory for testing. Results will be made available to the customer via a secured digital system and email.

Fianostics LogoA goal of the limited kit offering within Austria is to refine the sample collection and processing workflow from kit purchase to sample analysis at a certified clinical chemistry laboratory. Once the end-to-end workflow is refined, the kits may also soon be offered at pharmacies in Germany and Switzerland, and possibly via general practitioners and company doctors. Clinical labs in these countries should be able to replicate the FluoBoltTM assay tests.

“The Fianostics team has worked diligently to validate our FluoBoltTM method using Mitra blood microsamples to ensure that we can detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies with the highest sensitivity fluorescence immunoassay available on the market,” said Gerhard Hawa, PhD, Founder and CEO, Fianostics GmbH. “The sample collection kits with Mitra devices paired with our robust laboratory testing method can deliver accurate data.”

About Fianostics
FIANOSTICS GmbH applies many years of experience in diagnostics to develop and manufacture its FluoBolt™-FIAs platform technology to enable high-sensitivity fluorescence immunoassays that dramatically increase reproducibility and reliability of clinical studies with biomarkers. The Fianostics platform replicates the excellence of Sony DADC BioSciences (now STRATEC CONSUMABLES) in producing polymer consumables for the diagnostic industry. Fianostics offers immunoassay formats that are compatible with standard laboratory methodology. The company’s expertise also extends to supplying diagnostic applications in several clinical areas. Learn more at: www.fianostics.at/en/

About Neoteryx
Neoteryx is a brand of Trajan Scientific and Medical, providing scientifically precise remote specimen collection and microsampling technologies. To support its vision of enabling science that benefits people and improves wellbeing, Trajan innovates and develops quantitative microsampling technologies that are easy to use and amenable to manual and automated analysis in the lab. Neoteryx microsampling technologies ease workflows and enable decentralized research and healthcare models. Our product portfolio includes the Mitra® device based on VAMS® technology, the hemaPEN® that advances both capillary and DBS technologies, and more microsampling products on the way. For information about microsampling, visit www.neoteryx.com. For information about Trajan’s other brands and services, visit www.trajanscimed.com.

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