facility visits are outdated

The traditional, facility-based approach
to specimen collection is resource-heavy
and inconvenient for study participants.

  • Negative experiences due to discomfort and inconvenience
  • Expensive biohazard shipping and challenging logistics
  • Limited care models tied to onsite specimen collection
  • Requires trained phlebotomy staff to perform a draw
  • Not ideal for very young participants, or the elderly

discover modern, specimen collection

Mitra® devices, powered by Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS®) technology, facilitate more convenient and accurate remote sampling.

  • Enables precise, user-friendly specimen collection
  • Suits high throughput sample processing
  • Generates dependable and insightful data
  • Overcomes challenges of filter paper, but retains benefits
  • Comes in four formats for a variety of use cases
Mitra cartridge format standard with bar codes and specimen bag.

The Mitra® Cartridge

This user-friendly, trackable format is best suited for remote sampling that can be performed by anyone, anywhere. Consider it for drug trials, and remote monitoring of study participants.

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The Mitra® Collection Kit

Convenient solution that includes all the essentials for remote sampling from home, storage and transportation. Kits include lancets, Mitra microsampler, desiccant, bandages, gauze, and shipping envelopes.

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Mitra Clamshell original format, research and method development

The Mitra® Clamshell

This basic format is an easy way to start experimenting with VAMS® technology especially for research studies, population studies, and preclinical drug testing. 

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Processing and analyzing dried blood samples with the Mitra 96 autorack is easy since they are compatible with existing liquid handlers

The Mitra® 96-Autorack

Designed for high throughput Mitra® microsample processing including sample accessioning, plate building and high throughput extractions. Available empty or fully loaded with 96 microsamplers.

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