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Blood Collection Devices

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Mitra Clamshell Microsampler capillary blood collection device

This basic format is an easy way to get started with microsampling.

  • Available in 2- or 4-sampler configurations for flexibility
  • Select from 10, or 20 µL collection volumes
  • Customer uses include preclinical studies, academic research, assisted specimen collection, etc.


Mitra cartridge capillary blood collection device

This user-friendly format is well suited for unassisted remote collection. 

  • Available in 2-sampler configuration; Select from 10, or 20 µL volumes
  • Manage tracking and chain of custody with native barcoding
  • Packaged in a resealable specimen bag containing desiccant for shipping samples to a central lab
  • Customer uses included clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, collection in low-resource regions, etc.


high throughput racks for lab method development

These formats are designed for sample reformatting and high throughput processing. 

  • Available empty or fully loaded with 96 microsamplers - 10, or 20 µL
  • Compatible with 96-channel pipettes and common liquid handling instrumentation
  • Purple rack  compatible with cartridges and any standard 96-well plate
  • Green rack compatible with clamshells and Nunc® 1.0 mL DeepWell™ plates
  • Barcodes adhered for specimen tracking


capillary blood at home collection kits
Collection Kits

These kits enable convenient remote and at-home sampling.  

  • Simplify collection, storage, and shipment of biological specimens
  • Includes the essentials for easy, patient-centered sampling
  • Available with clamshell or cartridge device formats 
  • Kits and instructions can be customized based on your requirements
  • Customer uses include multi-site clinical trials, patient monitoring, consumer wellness screening,  and much more

This next generation technology facilitates a patient centered experience by taking blood collection out of the clinic. It allows individuals to self-collect an accurate blood specimen, anywhere, with minimal instructions.

Get the logistical benefits of dried blood, but with more reliable results for your range of tests and analytes.

The FDA Class 1, CE-IVD Mitra® microsampling devices are powered by patent-pending VAMS (Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling) technology that enables accurate and precise collection of a fixed volume of blood (and other biological fluids) every time.

graphic link to our examination of extraction methods for antiepileptics
  • Reduce costs from the elimination of cold chain shipping and bio hazard transportation
  • Collect a specimen in seconds with fast wicking, absorptive sampling tip
  • Quantitative collection every time - 10, 20, and 30 µL volumes
  • Eliminate the volumetric hematocrit bias associated with DBS cards

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