the user-friendly solution for accurate remote blood collection

Discover smarter, easier capillary blood sampling, anywhere, at any time, by almost anyone, with the Mitra® cartridge device.

Mitra Cartridge capillary blood collection device. A needleless option for collecting dried blood specimens
“We can now sit at home and do a sample using the device, send it off, and get an accurate result without having to leave the comfort of our own home – It’s a lot less stressful, plus we don’t need to take a whole day out just to go for a blood test or clinic visit, which makes school attendance better.”

-Caroline Knapp, mother of a young kidney transplant patient in the UK

Common Cartridge Uses

Health & Wellness Testing

Mitra® Cartridges offer the easiest way to collect an accurate blood sample from a finger stick. They're the ideal solution for organizations offering wellness tests direct to the consumer or employees. Patients have a better sampling experience and testing labs receive better quality samples.


Lab Tests From Dried Blood

In testing for things like substance abuse, proper organ function, and infectious diseases, dried blood microsampling provides a superior alternative to in-clinic blood draws. Top clinical and hospital labs are using the Mitra cartridge to offer a broader menu of laboratory tests based on more patient-centric models.


Clinical Trials

The Cartridge format provides the best patient sampling experience, allowing high-quality blood samples to be collected outside the clinic. Native bar codes  facilitate convenient tracking of patient samples to central labs.  

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Make it easier for patients to keep up, without disrupting their lives. The convenience of home blood collection a promotes adherence and compliance and modernizes physician-patient relationships through telemedicine.


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Fluid Compatibility

  • Blood
  • Serum
  • Tears
  • Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)
  • Plasma
  • Urine
  • Synovial fluid
  • Saliva

Select From 2 Configurations

  1. Packed in a specimen bag with desiccant
  2. As part of a Collection Kit

*All Cartridge configurations include bar coding

Volumes Available (RSD < 4%)

10 µL  |  20 µL  |  30 µL

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Mitra Clamshell
Basic Format to Get Started with Microsampling
Remote Blood Collection kits.  Home, or out on the field. Working with dried capillary blood is non biohazardous
Mitra Collection Kits
All the Essentials to Collect a Sample At Home
The 96 Auto rack allows for fast and efficient processing of dried blood microsamples
Mitra 96-Autorack
Method Development / Microsample Accessioning & Processing