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Neoteryx Launches Online Directory of Labs that Offer Testing for Mitra Microsamples

by Christa Nuber, on August 25,2020

LOS ANGELES—Neoteryx announces the launch of an international Lab Directory on its website. As a medical device company specializing in the remote collection of blood and other bio fluids with its Mitra® microsampling device and VAMS® technology, Neoteryx works closely with contract research organizations (CROs) and clinical diagnostic laboratories worldwide that are processing and analyzing Mitra microsamples. The company also works closely with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and e-health organizations that are seeking more patient-centric solutions to enable telehealth for clinical trial participants and patients, reduce costs, and improve the blood collection experience.


The Neoteryx Lab Directory was devised to facilitate relationships between “Mitra-ready” labs and those seeking labs to process Mitra samples. A primary goal was to develop a cohesive, highly targeted referral system that connects physicians, clinical researchers, wellness business owners, clinical trial program managers, and others wanting to use Mitra devices with laboratories and CROs that have developed and/or validated Mitra-compatible lab tests.

As a high-ranking website for “blood collection” and “blood testing” internet searches, the site attracts tens of thousands of visitors per month. Site visits lead to inquiries about labs that specialize in processing dried whole blood Mitra microsamples via a range of analytes and panels. These requests come from leaders in many industries, including those in pharmaceutical research and development, clinical diagnostics, general healthcare, and wellness and nutrition. Many people land on the Neoteryx website through organic searches, but Neoteryx also actively drives site traffic via email marketing, content marketing, podcasts, social media, paid advertising, and customer outreach.

The number of microsampling labs that specialize in processing Mitra with VAMS samples around the world is growing, with Mitra-compatible labs now located in cities in the US and Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Mitra-compatible tests provided by labs in the directory include:

  • Steroids / Hormones
  • Toxicology / Drug of Abuse Panels
  • Vitamins / Supplements
  • SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies
  • Large & Small Molecules
  • Immunosuppressants
  • DNA / RNA
  • Biomarkers
  • And more...

To be included in the directory, labs that are currently set up to use Mitra with VAMS technology are invited to participate in the directory and create a lab listing that showcases their services and analytes/tests. How do you find a lab listing? When you visit the Neoteryx Lab Directory page, you can filter through the listings by geographic region, type of lab services, accreditations and analytes. Once you identify a lab of interest, you ask to connect to that lab by clicking a button to submit a form to Neoteryx requesting an introduction. A microsampling specialist at Neoteryx will review the submission forms to qualify the submission. Qualified requests will be connected to their lab of choice with a warm, personalized introduction from someone on the Neoteryx team.

To view the Neoteryx Lab Directory, visit or to learn more about it contact the company via phone or email


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