graphic icon of a blood drop under a magnifying glass - click to download a research study on the samiliarities and difference in blood collection

A Viable Alternative to Venipuncture  
Review data comparing outcomes of drawing blood from a vein or fingerstick in both dried and wet forms. Download

illustration of a bottle of RX pills - click to download various reseach case studies that have utilized VAMS blood sampling for TDM

The Application of Microsampling in TDM
Dried blood microsampling enables remote specimen collection for tracking medication adherence.  Download

drawing of a small child being support by a pair of adult hands - click to download a collection of case studies that explore VAMS blood sampling for pediatrics

The Application of Microsampling in Pediatrics
Neonates and children benefit from small volume specimens easily collected from heel or finger.  Download

illustration of a mouse, lab rat with a blood drop over it - click to download a collection of papers that show the benefits of applying VAMS blood sampling in preclinical studies

In-Vivo PK Animal Testing with 10 µL Specimens

Reduce number of animals required for studies, with lower costs, and improved data quality. Download

simplified illustration of a analyser - click to download an R&D poster on the application of VAMS in monitoring IGF-1

Monitoring IGF-1 with The Mitra Microsampler
Mitra device specimens are compatible with clinical analyzers and correlate to wet references. Download

a hand made to look like a dove with various human organs encased in a heart shape design, symbolizing the idea of organ donor - click to download the findings of TDM with VAMS

At-Home Assay for Tacrolimus Monitoring
There is potential for remote collections to improve patient experience & reduce health costs. Download


Bioanalysis Zone - Explores Microsampling

As more sensitive bioanalytical technologies develop, microsampling continues to gain increasing attention within the bioanalytical community - streamlining workflows and improving the donor experience. Download


Mitra Brochure

Get to know the full Mitra product line, its industry applications, and unique benefits. How does VAMS technology compare to other Microsampling products? Is the data comparable to wet specimen? Download