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GX Sciences™ now offers Microsampling, an easier and more efficient method of traditional sampling

AUSTIN, TX – GX Sciences™ is now offering quick and easy blood analysis testing, known as Microsampling, through a unique Mitra® device, by Neoteryx. Blood Microsampling is an efficient and more simplified method of traditional blood sampling that allows patients to draw their own blood and securely mail the samples to the GX Sciences™ lab for analysis. Providers are now able to purchase Microsampling kits for their patients directly from the GX Sciences™ website.

capillary-blood-collection-microsampling-advancesBlood sampling has been a fundamental diagnostic tool for years, with the vast majority of all medical decisions being guided by diagnostic test results that include blood sample assessments. Blood sampling is not always convenient, with a large portion of the world's population being located in areas with limited or no quick access to medical facilities. However now, reduced blood sample sizes are gaining value and popularity where blood analysis testing is needed. Microsampling with GX Sciences™ is making blood analysis testing easier and more convenient for everyone.

There are numerous benefits to blood testing using the Mitra device for Microsampling. A patient does not have to visit a draw station or lab to give blood and the sampling can be done in the comfort of their own home or clinic. This method of blood sampling is a quick, easy, and pain free way to provide a sample and receive results in a timely manner. Blood tests at home are becoming more popular in order to accommodate patients that have limited time or resources to travel to Doctor offices or drawing stations. Providers have the ability to drop ship a kit to patients and patients in turn are able to ship their own kits as they do not require refrigeration or special handling during shipment.

"The recent advances in Microsampling technology from GX Sciences™ have offered my patients in-office access to blood testing without the pain of a blood draw. With a simple finger prick, I can now give my patients instant access to blood tests without the hassle of sending them to a draw station. Additionally, I can also mail a kit to my patients and they can obtain their own blood sample at home. This time saving feature is invaluable for patient convenience and lower costs. My patients are delighted." Kendal Stewart, MD, Chief Medical Officer, GX Sciences™.

GX Sciences™ is committed to pursuing new and innovative diagnostic methods that will help Providers and their patients alike. GX Sciences™ has several different Microsampling blood testing panels that are out now and more coming soon. The GX Sciences™ Vitamin D Panel is now available for patients and a number of panels will be released this fall. For Providers, Microsampling Kits are now available for purchase on the GX Sciences™ website. Patients can locate where the GX Sciences™ Microsampling testing is offered by using the Provider Map on their website.

"We work with the best and most innovative organizations changing the way care is delivered," says Fasha Mahjoor, founder and CEO of Neoteryx. "It’s modern, visionary organizations like GX Sciences™ that will transform healthcare and bring true patient-centricity to the care pathway, using our breakthrough remote collection technology."

Neoteryx LLC, based in Southern California, is focused on delivering simple, quantitative and automatable microsampling solutions for biological samples. The class I exempt medical device, The Mitra Microsampler, facilitates convenient specimen collection and transportation of biological fluids to improve animal and human welfare, reduce laboratory costs and enable new models of care. Neoteryx’s customers, including GX Sciences™, work to advance pharmaceutical development, personalized medicine, biotechnology research and clinical diagnostics.

Learn more about Microsampling by visiting www.GXSciences.com or contacting a Microsampling Specialist at Neoteryx today.

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