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Smarter, Simpler Remote Blood Collection & Microsampling 


The easiest system for remote / at-home accurate blood collection. The Mitra® blood sampling device, is driven by Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS®) technology that can be used for a variety of different types of bio-fluids.

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A Mitra Cartridge device collecting a drop of capillary blood from finger.


Our selection of blood collection devices, available in patient- and lab-friendly configurations.

Blood Collection Simplified →
a crowded lecture Hall during a presentation on VAMS technology.  Click to visit our resource library, download case studies, guides on how to implement a blood microsampling collection protocol, watch instructional How-To videos, and so much more.

How it Works

Compatible analytes, publications, tutorials, and everything else you need to make use of Mitra®.

Knowledge Library →
Exterior shots of Netoeryx buildings one and three.  Get to know the history of VAMS blood collection technology, and meet the executive team.

About Us

Our leadership team, our history, our mission, and how to get in touch.

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Publication List & Successfully Extracted Analytes

See the most current list of analytes (e.g. DNA / RNA, hormones / steroids, mAbs, HbA1c, drugs of abuse, antibiotics, and more) extracted from specimens collected with a Mitra® microsampler.   [Download Now]

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Patient collects capillary blood samples in their living room after pricking their finger with a lancet. Mitra Cartridge is so simple to use patients can self-sample from home, making remote patient monitoring a reality.

Patient Monitoring

Microsampling takes blood specimen collection out of the waiting room and into the living room.

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Pharmaceutical pills on a white surface.  Blood microsampling allows for clinical trials participants to collect blood samples from home, providing comfort and ease which could improve adherence and compliance in therapeutic drug monitoring.

Clinical Trials

Improve recruitment, retention, and compliance when you implement smarter specimen collection.

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A young boy has a blood sample taken from his finger.  Capillary blood sampling is now becoming a more viable alternative to venipuncture. Give your vulnerable populations a less stressful way to collect blood samples.


Pediatric microsampling is a breakthrough in improved comfort and emotional safety for the most vulnerable patients.

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White lab mice in a cage.  When it comes to experimenting on animals,  switching to a microsampling protocol improves data, is less stressful for both lab animals and staff, and best of all is Three R complaint.


Get an ethical, scientific, and financial advantage when you reduce experimental animal use by sevenfold.

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