smarter, simpler remote specimen collection. neoteryx delivers the gold standard in microsampling technology.

Our Mitra® devices provide the easiest way to reliably collect biological fluids away from a clinical site. Organizations that collect Mitra samples either in the field, at home, or at the point-of-care depend on its precise volume to generate accurate data for better scientific insights. 

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we are proud to serve our Mitra microsampling customers

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Mitra is an exempt medical device in the US, CE-IVD self-certified in the UK and EU, a Class 1 IVD in Australia, and registered with Health Canada. It is intended as a specimen collector and for the storage and transport of biological fluids. Use of the device with blood for diagnostic applications is limited to certain countries and, in the US, to research and non-diagnostic uses. Neoteryx is set up in the Ariba Network and a registered vendor of, the official US Government registration services for business contractors.
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Neoteryx innovates
remote specimen collection

Our simple, convenient, and economical alternative to traditional specimen collection, Mitra® microsampling is fueling the virtual revolution in science, medicine, and research. 

Mitra microsampling is powered by our patented Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS®) technology. Mitra with VAMS is the first instrument designed to collect quantitative, volumetrically accurate samples of biological fluids in a user-friendly manner.

Anyone, anywhere can collect a Mitra sample and mail it back for analysis. Over 100 peer-reviewed research publications testify to the power of Mitra Microsampling.

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join the microsampling revolution

Leading organizations worldwide are using our microsampling technology to power their workflow, advance science, and implement virtual pathways.


Driving Growth

With a focus on providing user-friendly, accurate microsampling technology and excellent support, Neoteryx strives to help you reduce the time, energy & resources required to lower costs and maximize margins.

Mitra Cartridge being used by Duke University

Expanding Access

With our remote collection kits, Neoteryx expands your access to individuals confined to home or in rural areas & distant populations who can now join virtual clinical trials and public health surveys.


Better Insights

With a rapidly growing number of research studies that utilize our Mitra devices for remote specimen collection, Neoteryx technology facilitates better insights within shorter timelines.


small samples. big data. endless possibilities.



This easy-to-use format has two sampling devices, includes barcoding, and is enclosed in a specimen bag for convenient transport.



This budget-friendly option is available with 2 or 4 samplers inside and works well for pilot studies, proof-of-concept testing, and clinical research with limited funding.



The 96-autorack enables high throughput sample processing for liquid extractions, analytical method development, and preparing QCs / Calibrators.


Collection Kit

The Clamshell and Cartridge Mitra formats are available packaged in specimen collection kits. Kits can be customized to your needs. 

Neoteryx created the Mitra® Microsampler with you in mind.
Whether you are a clinical research participant, CRO lab director, research scientist, clinical trial manager or technician, there is a Mitra Microsampler that will work for you.  We'll help you select the device format that fits you best via a virtual demonstration with a Microsampling Consultant.

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Neoteryx microsampling advantages

Reliable Samples

High sample quality, precise volume
(< 4% RSD) collection

User Friendly

 Simply touch the Mitra® device tip to a bio fluid and watch it absorb in seconds

Simple Logistics

Transport specimens without cold-chain shipping. Eliminate freezers for storage.


Send Mitra samples through the mail and process them in a 96-well format


>140 Mitra research papers and a staff of microsampling experts to support you

Reliable Information

Volumetric collection enables precise & quantitative data to be generated

common Mitra® applications

Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Mitra blood microsampling offers benefits throughout the drug development pipeline with both large and small molecules - from facilitating serial sampling in animal models for preclinical drug research to offering improved convenience and access in Phase 3 human trials.

Clinical Research

Remote Mitra sampling broadens the subject recruitment pool for large population studies, while its convenience also improves subject compliance & retention.

Infectious Disease Research

Remote Mitra sampling enables seroprevalence studies of viral pathogens and insight into associated biomarkers among individuals who remain safely at home during infectious disease outbreaks & social distancing restrictions.

 Pediatric Studies

Novel biomarker and next generation treatment studies of newborns and children is possible with microliter samples that are low-stress and convenient for guardians to help facilitate. 

Omics Research

Mitra samples are precise, allowing researchers to accurately capture, analyze genome, proteome, metabolome, and microbiome data from a few drops of biological fluid.

Biomarker Discovery 

Remote sampling can unlock the potential of precision medicine by enabling longitudinal studies using remote samples to monitor biomarkers in diverse study populations.  

Don't See Your Application?

Don't worry, Mitra devices are used for a wide range of research applications. Tell us how you want to use microsampling and we will help you determine if Mitra is a good fit!

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what our customers say about Mitra microsampling

“Researchers have considerable experience using these at-home blood collection kits to track the spread of other infectious diseases like influenza, and this method is safe, effective and easy-to-use. With a small finger-pick, volunteers can help scientists fight COVID-19 from their homes.”
Kaitlyn Sadtler, PhD, Study Lead for Laboratory Testing and Chief, NIH NIBIB’s Section for Immunoengineering

“One of the greatest advantages we have been able to appreciate about Mitra® with VAMS® technology is the simplicity and rapidity of use, while maintaining high performance and guaranteeing the reliability of quali-quantitative analytical data."  
– Laura Mercolini, PhD, Pharmacy and Biotechnology Research Head, University of Bologna, Italy  

“We use the blood collection kit at home for our son, who is a kidney transplant recipient. The kit has easy instructions, a finger-prick tool & supplies to collect the samples. We use the included shipping envelopes to post samples to our son’s care provider. The kit saves us time and unnecessary trips to the clinic.”  
– Mrs. Lego | Transplant Patient Parent, UK 

"VAMS technology allows convenient at-home monitoring and is minimally invasive. It also offers efficiencies in the clinical setting, as providers will have blood results in hand before meeting with the patient."  
– Dr. Christophe Stove | Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

"“For our biomarker analysis by chromatography and mass spectrometry using biological samples, the Mitra® with VAMS® technology has allowed us a rapid and effective tuning and validation process, providing a boost to all the optimization steps. In this way, we were able to concentrate on the stability study with a solid and reliable methodology available."  
– Michele Protti, Phd, Pharmacy & Biotechnology Research Scientist, University of Bologna, Italy

from preclinical studies to clinical trials to population research, the future of microsampling is here. 

 Simpler, smarter, safer-at-home, and more convenient. 

Want to Learn More? 

Read about our Mitra® and VAMS® technologies or get in touch with us! 

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