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Neoteryx Founder Fasha Mahjoor Receives Science History Institute's Pittcon Award

October 2021 — The Science History Institute (the Institute) has announced Fasha Mahjoor as the recipient of the 21st annual Pittcon Heritage Award. Mahjoor is the founder and CEO of device manufacturer Neoteryx, and has a long history as a visionary and entrepreneur in the field of science. This award recognizes individuals in the instrumentation and laboratory supply industries who, through their entrepreneurship and/or innovations, have provided scientists and technologists with the tools needed for discovery. The Pittcon Heritage Award is jointly sponsored by the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon) and the Institute. Mahjoor will be presented with the 2022 Pittcon Heritage Award at the 73rd annual Pittsburgh Conference in Atlanta, GA, March 5-9, 2022. Mahjoor also will be added to the Pittcon Hall of Fame. He joins other pioneers, such as Bill Hewlett and David Packard, Perkin and Elmer, Arnold Beckman, and many others. 

Fasha Mahjoor_portrait 2021In their news announcement, the Institute's President and CEO David Cole highlighted the Pittcon Heritage Award as the premier award in the industry, and added, “We are eager to honor Fasha Mahjoor for his unique place in the history of the instrumentation and laboratory supplies community."

Pittcon, which is considered the largest and most inclusive conference and exposition on laboratory science and instrumentation in the world, returns as an onsite event with some virtual activities in 2022 after a year of fully virtual programming. Registration for Pittcon 2022 opened on October 5, and more information is available at www.pittcon.org.

About Fasha Mahjoor 
An architect, entrepreneur, visionary, and philanthropist, Fasha Mahjoor designs cultures of innovation that have helped his scientific companies forge paths of transformative success. Mahjoor was the founder and CEO of Phenomenex and CEO of Phenova and InventX, with numerous subsidiaries, distributors and partners around the world. Despite no formal training in chemistry, Mahjoor applied his tenacity, enthusiasm, laser focus, attention to detail and sheer persistence to building thriving companies in the fields of chromatography, research and development manufacturing with a mission to serve these industries by delivering products and customer service at the highest standard of quality.

After 34 years at the helm of these companies, Mahjoor sold them to Danaher Corporation. With a new focus on manufacturing devices for the microsampling of biological fluids, in 2016 Mahjoor founded Neoteryx, LLC. His new vision to simplify and advance microsampling for those working in research and medicine through the development and commercialization of the company's Mitra® devices and VAMS® technology has allowed research innovators to conquer new territory. Mahjoor takes great pride in the fact that microsampling devices from Neoteryx are helping scientific organizations and laboratories blaze new trails for the advancement of health and science.

As stated in the announcement from the Science History Institute, "Success confirms the power of Fasha's appreciation for elegant design, calculated risk, and simple concepts that can lead to significant improvements." In combining these elements with his boundless energy, pursuit of excellence, appetite for hard work, and passionate dedication to whatever he takes on, Fasha has clearly achieved his own unique recipe for success.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Mahjoor also has served as a Member of the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross (LA), Board member of PharmaFluidics (Belgium), Member of the Board of Trustees for The Outward Bound Trust (UK) and Honorary Patron of the Royal Grammar School, Worcester, England. In 2013, Mahjoor was awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which placed his name in the United States Library of Congress alongside US Presidents and Nobel Prize winners. Also in 2013, he was named among the 100 most influential people in the field of analytical sciences by The Analytical Scientist. 

About the Science History Institute
The Science History Institute is a multifaceted nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand knowledge and challenge perspectives in the history of chemistry, engineering, and the life sciences; to reveal how developments in these fields are embedded in our daily lives; and to catalyze the reimagining of our scientific and technological future. 

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We believe access to the past empowers individuals to build better futures. As the natural repository for the history of science, the Institute’s museum and Othmer Library make our rapidly expanding collections, archives, and works readily available to the scientifically curious public and scientists alike. Distillations—our articles, podcast, and videos—tell compelling stories at the heart of science and society. Our Center for Oral History and Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry offer exceptional opportunities for academic scholarship. And our conference center is an elegant venue for creating unforgettable occasions.
For more information, visit www.sciencehistory.org

This news is provided as curated content. For further details, visit the Pittcon Heritage Award page on the Science History Institute website.

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