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realizing the promise of personalized medicine

by Neoteryx | 2 min read

shutterstock_530127004-1One area that has brought significant shifts in the field of healthcare is personalized medicine. The tools, techniques, and technology of personalized medicine, along with the larger ideas that drive them, have enabled many healthcare providers to categorize patients into small groups depending on specific similarities. These similarities include patients’ DNA, lifestyles, and environments.

Big personalized medicine innovations are swiftly shifting from the promises into reality. Here are some key areas to watch.

The revolution of medical delivery

In new, more sophisticated approaches to delivery of care, patients are involved in a collaborative and transparent manner. Such approaches create better relations between patients and doctors. This trend has been boosted by the rise of remote patient monitoring, which enables the doctors to electronically get information about the patients. The patients can also order drug refills, for instance, using internet-enabled devices.


The study of human genes by health experts has also played a great role in making personalized medicine a reality. Scientists are able to use genetic information obtained from various studies to better determine the likelihood and potential effects of genetically inherited illnesses. This is useful in determining effective treatments for specific patients based on genetic makeup. This does not only improve the accuracy of diagnosing but also reduces the cost of treatments, as the trial-and-error method is completely eliminated.

Biosensors and telemedicine

Development of information technology is proving to be a breakthrough in improving patient monitoring. This has made the control of chronic conditions easier for patients and doctors. Patients are able to use biosensors to monitor their progress on diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular. They are able to send these details to their doctors through smartphones or computers without necessarily going to the clinic.


The proliferation of blood microsampling methods is proving influential in improving personalized medicine and patient monitoring. Patients are able to perform remote sampling of their blood using microsampling devices. This enables the collection of small volumes of blood that are more precise, and it enables more patient-centred clinical care.

With these technologies and many more, there is no doubt that the state of personalized medicine is able to shift from its promises to reality. There is great potential to develop related methods and technology even more the in future.

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Originally published Feb 8, 2019 8:52:46 AM, updated on February 8, 2019

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