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how blood microsampling enables patient-centric health monitoring


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remote blood micro sampling case studies
What does remote blood sampling mean for the new age of precise, patient-centered healthcare? Download our comprehensive Guide and White Paper, and explore a variety of case studies, scientific resources, and helpful guidelines.  

With over 100 publications Mitra blood microsampling is a novel remote, out of the clinic blood sampling solution

Explore Cutting-edge Patient Monitoring Applications
Organizations are using microsampling to measure levels of antiepileptic drugs, vitamin D, immunosuppressants, anti*psychotics, and HbA1c, to name only a few. 

dried blood microsamples are not considered biohazardous, allowing patients to send in their samples through standard post / mailSee Why Remote Sampling is Essential for Medical Innovation
Blood collection out of the clinic, with VAMSTM technology, is the simple, economical, and location-independent solution.

The impact of switching to a VAMS collection method has far reaching consequences that improve workflow and customer satisfaction Preview the Future of Science, Research, and Healthcare
Advances in patient monitoring are opening up new care pathways - for those with chronic conditions and those who want to live better. Remote blood sampling is the missing link to a more patient-centered future.