remote specimen collection enables remote monitoring


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remote blood micro sampling case studies

Modern times demand modern approaches to healthcare that encompass telehealth and telemedicine.

With remote specimen collection, or remote sampling, health practitioners, research scientists and clinical trial managers around the globe are embracing the new age of precise, patient-centered healthcare.

With the help of remote Mitra® devices based on VAMS® technology it is easier than ever to launch remote patient monitoring, therapeutic drug monitoring, public health studies and diagnostics programs.

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What is remote specimen collection?

Researchers, trial managers and clinics can send Mitra Specimen Collection Kits to study subjects and patients for at-home sample collection. Instructions are included in the kit and no training is necessary. Every kit contains Mitra devices and all the supplies needed to self-collect a remote sample for mailing to the lab for analysis. Remote specimen collection removes the inconvenience of clinic appointments and lab visits, and expands your access to a broader range of patients and study subjects. Remote specimen collection eliminates barriers to care and objections to clinical trials. 

Download our comprehensive White Paper and Guide to Patient-Centric Monitoring to explore a variety of case studies, scientific resources, and helpful guidelines from others who have adapted remote specimen collection and microsampling into programs and workflows.

With over 100 publications Mitra blood microsampling is a novel remote, out of the clinic blood sampling solution

Explore Cutting-edge Patient Monitoring Applications
Use microsampling to accurately measure levels of therapeutic drugs, vitamins, cholesterol, & hormones, to name a few. 

dried blood microsamples are not considered biohazardous, allowing patients to send in their samples through standard post / mailSee Why Remote Sampling is Essential for Medical Innovation
Remote blood collection with Mitra® and VAMS® technology is the simple, economical, and location-independent solution.

The impact of switching to a VAMS collection method has far reaching consequences that improve workflow and customer satisfaction Access Lab Validation Case Studies  
Open up new care pathways by leveraging remote specimen collection in the clinic, in the lab, or in the field.