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how blood microsampling enables patient-centric health monitoring


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What does remote blood sampling mean for the new age of precise, patient-centered healthcare? Download our comprehensive Guide and White Paper, and explore a variety of case studies, scientific resources, and helpful guidelines.  


Explore Cutting-edge Patient Monitoring Applications
Organizations are using microsampling to measure levels of antiepileptic drugs, vitamin D, immunosuppressants, anti*psychotics, and HbA1c, to name only a few. 

dry-blood-shipmentsSee Why Remote Sampling is Essential for Medical Innovation
Blood collection out of the clinic, with VAMSTM technology, is the simple, economical, and location-independent solution.

increase-lab-profitsPreview the Future of Science, Research, and Healthcare
Advances in patient monitoring are opening up new care pathways - for those with chronic conditions and those who want to live better. Remote blood sampling is the missing link to a more patient-centered future.