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microsampling enables groundbreaking molecular research


The Mitra® Microsampling Device is a technical advancement of dried blood spot (DBS) sample collection. Volumetric absorptive microsampling devices give easy access to remote sample collection by study participants anytime, anywhere.

The patented VAMS® technology on which the Mitra device is based consistently collects a fixed volume. It allows researchers to conduct novel studies and publish meaningful research within budget and timelines. 

Publish Groundbreaking Research

Streamline your research! The Mitra device enables specimen collection from a vast population, opens up opportunities for funding, and delivers reliable results with quantitative specimen collection. 

  • Accelerate recruitment with access to larger participant pools
  • Mail samples directly to central lab for analysis – no field processing or freezing required
  • Volumetrically accurate, stable dried blood samples reduce the incidence of reworks 
  • Expand research and funding opportunities into low-resourced regions

Explore Empowering New Technology


Mitra microsampling delivers on the advantages of filter paper such as economical specimen transportation but overcomes the issues of sample quality and automation amenability. 

  • As evidenced in journals, dried blood sampling performs similar to gold standard sample types

  • DNA and RNA purified and isolated from Mitra samples is of high quality and used successfully in downstream techniques  

  • We offer research support agreements to extend your budget – speak to a microsampling specialist

  • Request a device evaluation – we can support you every step of the way

    Advance your omics research with resources on how others use microsamples to study DNA, metabolites, lipids and different proteins.

    In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only


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