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microsampling has
endless applications

You can apply our personalized sampling solutions to
advance many areas of research and healthcare.

Leverage microsampling for animal studies & the 3Rs of animal research.
Preclinical Research
Offer remote sampling options to improve trial success rates.
Decentralized Clinical Trials
Collect samples easily from diverse cohorts, including adult & pediatric subjects.
Facilitate remote monitoring of study subjects with at-home sample collection.
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Apply microsampling in forensics, PEth monitoring of alcohol & anti-doping.
Use remote collection for disease, serology & epidemiology studies.
Infectious Disease Studies
Combine glass capillaries + DBS for precision that overcomes hematocrit issues in blood sampling.
Precise DBS Sampling
Enable biological wellness with samples that reveal environmental exposure & other factors. 
Analyze omic data from a precise volume microsample of bio-fluid.

innovate your approach to science and research

Advancing to Microsampling Begins With a Conversation. 

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