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blood microsampling: one breakthrough, many applications

by Neoteryx | 2 min read

The wonderful thing about being in the healthcare business right now is that we have the ability to leverage untold volumes of data and information. This confers world-changing power on those who know how to harness and use it.

Technology makes it possible to collect enormous amounts of data from tiny amounts of biological fluid. Thanks to Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology, it is now possible to collect capillary blood and other biological fluids as precise, volumetrically accurate specimens.

capillary-blood-collection-microsampling-advancesThe applications for this innovation in smarter healthcare are myriad and only beginning to be properly explored. Here are some of the big ones.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. Remote and at-home sampling, facilitated by capillary blood microsampling technology, dramatically simplifies the lives of patients, such as the recipients of organ transplants, who find themselves on strict drug regimens.

Patient-centered Care. To practice patient-centered medicine is to make the best of our abundant resources in addressing patients as individuals with specific needs. Microsampling provides an essential missing link between the most revolutionary ideas in precision medicine, patient monitoring, telemedicine, and telehealth and the stuff of human life.

Drug Development. Capillary blood microsampling improves every aspect of clinical trials, from recruitment to retention to adherence and compliance. It opens the door for the location-agnostic, virtual clinical trials of tomorrow. It saves hassle in the short run and saves money in the long run.

Preclinical Experimental Animal Testing. Microsampling and rat tail vein blood collection provide a scientific, financial, and ethical advantage in the preclinical lab, reducing reliance on satellite populations, reducing overall rodent use by up to sevenfold, and reducing stress on animals and their human colleagues alike.

Pediatrics. The improve patient experience associated with blood microsampling using Mitra® devices can spare discomfort and provide a greater sense of agency for any patient, but it's an especially significant improvement when it comes to the care of our smallest and most vulnerable patients, our children. That's why microsampling in children's hospitals and other pediatric medical contexts is already catching on.


And it's not just for blood. The same technology that collects small, volumetrically accurate samples of blood is also proving effective in the collection of other biological fluids, including urine and more.

By now, you're already getting some ideas about what VAMS™, Mitra devices, Neoteryx, and blood microsampling innovation might be able to do for you, in your lab, in your own corner of the world. Let's talk.

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Originally published May 10, 2019 5:10:00 AM, updated on May 10, 2019

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