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Trajan Lab in Australia Gets ISO Accreditation for Biomarker Analysis, Medical Testing

August 2023 — Trajan Scientific and Medical is gaining momentum in its aim to enable decentralized, personalized data-based healthcare with the ISO accreditation of its analytical biomarker monitoring laboratory in Australia.

The Trajan Analytical Services (TAS) Laboratory has been granted accreditation to ISO 15189 and NPAAC Standards for Medical Testing by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). This Australian accreditation allows Trajan to develop and offer medical testing and biomarker analytical services and products. TAS Lab, Trajan-Ringwood, Australia

"Our goal is to continue to break down the barriers to enable a personalized, preventive data-based health care system of the future,” said Stephen Tomisich, Group CEO & Managing Director of Trajan Scientific and Medical. “With our own NATA-accredited medical lab, we’re now in a position to develop commercial workflows ultimately leveraging Trajan’s broad capabilities from microsampling tools through to laboratory automation. We plan to collaborate broadly to add value and facilitate adoption on scale.”

An important purpose for Trajan's NATA-accredited TAS Laboratory is to support personalized and decentralized health care pathways. In addition to its accredited lab, the company offers IVD registered microsampling devices and kits for remote collection of biological samples.

Following its acquisition of the assets of MyHealthTest in early 2021, Trajan began developing the MonitorYou® Healthy Heart service model. It has now launched the MonitorYou® Corporate Wellness Program in Australia. Utilizing portable health kits that are sent out to subscribers every three months, this program is designed to help employers drive engagement, promote health ownership, and deliver lasting health benefits to their employees, ultimately enhancing workplace productivity.

The first version of the service is currently being delivered through Trajan's TAS Laboratory in Ringwood, Victoria, Australia. 

“Customers can have confidence that our analytical service is validated and quality controlled,” explained Belinda Whittle, General Manager of Trajan Analytical Services, the team behind the MonitorYou® program. “Trajan leverages state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices to deliver accurate and reliable results. The combination of Trajan’s microsampling devices to facilitate remote sampling outside of a clinical setting, our high precision consumables and automated solutions allow us to develop, provide and potentially market a quality service to partner laboratories. With NATA accreditation, the MonitorYou service will operate at the highest level of quality and technical proficiency.”

Future plans for Trajan Analytical Services (TAS) and the TAS Lab include developing and validating methods for the entire range of Trajan's microsampling devices, which are IVD registered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia for both research and medical use.

About Trajan Scientific and Medical
Trajan is a global developer and manufacturer of analytical and life sciences products and devices founded to enrich personal health through scientific tools and solutions. We aim to support science that benefits people. Trajan’s products and solutions are used in the analysis of biological, food, and environmental samples. Trajan has a portfolio and pipeline of new technologies which support the move towards decentralized personalized data-based healthcare. Trajan comprises more than 680 people with seven manufacturing sites in the US, Australia, Europe, and Malaysia, and operations in Australia, the US, Asia, and Europe. Trajan’s products and solutions are marketed under multiple product brands and services, including Neoteryx® and MonitorYou®. For more information, visit www.trajanscimed.com

For more information on Trajan’s Neoteryx range of microsampling solutions, visit the microsampling products page.

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In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only

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