Neoteryx Expands European Footprint with Opening of Neoteryx B.V.

Posted by Neoteryx on January 21,2019

With significant worldwide growth in demand for microsampling technology, Neoteryx is opening new offices! We're expanding our European operations to better meet the needs of both new and existing customers for Mitra® devices and better share all the capabilities that come with them.

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Topics: Clinical Diagnostics, Pediatrics, Alternative to Venipuncture, Patient-Centered Medicine, Remote Patient Monitoring

New Study Validates Neoteryx's VAMS™ Technology for At-home Blood Collection In Monitoring HbA1c Levels of Diabetic Children

Posted by Neoteryx on July 19,2018

Wet-absorptive microsampling first to be used in home-sampling environment

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Topics: Press Release, Alternative to Venipuncture