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Microsampling Solutions Propel Metabolomics Research Forward

November 2023 – A new method for analyzing blood microsamples in metabolomics research using Trajan’s Mitra® device based on VAMS® technology is poised to enable advancements in the field. The bioanalytical method was validated by scientists at Metabolon, Inc., a leader in providing metabolomics solutions aimed at advancing a range of life science studies. For method validation of an untargeted discovery panel, they collaborated with the microsampling team at Trajan Scientific and Medical to apply its Neoteryx® brand of Mitra® microsampling solutions.

metabolon logoIn addition to sensitivity and precision, the Metabolon team tested for varying temperature stabilities, freeze/thaw stability and 6-month stability. They detected 950 biochemicals across 110 sub pathways using Mitra dried blood samples.

The use of Mitra devices paired with Metabolon’s global metabolomics platform enables sensitive analyses of remotely collected blood samples from diverse sources. This pairing also enables advanced metabolomic analytical techniques to be applied in a broader array of academic and commercial life science research projects.

"Our collaboration with Metabolon marks a significant stride towards a more comprehensive understanding of human health and disease development by eliminating reliance on clinic-based specimen collection to collecting a reliable sample for use in Metabolon's targeted and untargeted panels." said Cathy Cordova, Vice President of Clinical Solutions at Trajan.

Mitra microsampling device can be used for home sample collection

Research studies in life sciences are often constrained by the challenge of securing high-quality, stable blood samples. Mitra devices offer precise volumetric absorptive microsampling and can be used by virtually anyone to collect a blood sample at home with a finger-stick method.

Study participants can mail their remotely collected Mitra microsamples directly to the research lab via standard post. The microsamples are intended to dry during transit and they can be processed and analyzed in the laboratory using a validated dried blood spot (DBS) method.

Remote sample collection with these portable devices is often referred to as 'person-centric sampling' because it is convenient, minimally invasive, and requires only micro-sized sample volumes. These smaller sample volumes also enable field research that would not be possible using standard venipuncture blood collection techniques, such as sample collection at athletic events or among remote populations and those with limited mobility.

"This democratizes the ability to collect sufficient, stable blood samples for metabolomic analysis. Our work with Trajan will help researchers access patients more easily through decentralized trials and foster greater adoption of metabolomics." said Rangaprasad (Ranga) Sarangarajan, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Metabolon. 

This is curated news content. View the press release announcing this news here. To learn more about microsampling for metabolomics and how Metabolon is collaborating with Trajan on microsampling solutions, please visit the microsampling page on the Metabolon website.

For more information about applying remote microsampling in omics studies, please visit our Omics Resources page.
Advance your omics research with resources on how others use microsamples to study DNA, metabolites, lipids and different proteins.
In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only

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