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Element Creates Automated Workflow for Mitra Volumetric Microsampling

April 2023 – An article from the research team at Element Laboratory Solutions - Cambridge (formerly Anatune) announces the launch of a new automated workflow using Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling via Mitra® devices with VAMS® technology. 

As explained by principal scientist Camilla Liscio, PhD, she and her team were intrigued by the fact that Mitra® devices offered an "innovative alternative approach not only to microsampling for blood, but also potentially for other biofluids as well (e.g., saliva, urine, sweat)."


Overcoming Biases with Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling

In her article, Dr. Liscio explains that she appreciated that VAMS technology could overcome the uneven analyte distribution challenges associated with DBS samples due to the Hematocrit (HCT) effect. She highlights how Mitra devices are able to absorb a fixed volume of blood (using either 10 μL, 20 μL or 30 μL sized VAMS tips), which eliminates the spot migration and spot punch location biases as previously observed with DBS.

Dr. Liscio reports that, as part of a project for one of their customers, the Element team translated the manual method onto their instrument top X-Y robotic platform. They applied Design of Experiment (DoE) to optimize the automated extraction methodology for the target analytes in whole blood using the Mitra devices, and then proved comparability between the manual and the automated approach.

The success of that project led the Element Laboratory Solutions team to fully explore the complete automation of the Mitra® sample preparation workflow. They started by trying to answer this question: "Could we automate the delivery of the VAMS tips from the dedicated 96-Autorack™ for the Mitra® devices directly into the vial to proceed with the automated extraction as a fully automated workflow?"

They accepted the challenge and collaborated with Dr Rachel Carling and her team at Synnovis (formerly Viapath). For their collaboration, the team focused on measuring immunosuppressants in whole blood, which is central to therapeutic drug monitoring of patients with solid organ transplants.

This is curated content. Learn more about the work at Element Cambridge to develop and optimize the fully automated workflow for Mitra® handling and extraction for TDM, by following the link below to read the original article and access a free webinar in which Dr. Liscio discusses the automated workflow:

Element Video-camilla ss

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