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the road to deployment: what to expect when you implement microsampling

At Neoteryx, we have seen a range of customers achieve remarkable success with microsampling technology. Keys to a successful implementation include enthusiastic buy-in at the executive level, a willingness to take an intelligent short-term risk in service to a long-term vision, and a commitment to scientific rigor at every step.

Customers who succeed in implementing microsampling come from all sorts of backgrounds and verticals, but most follow a common trajectory on their way from becoming aware of microsampling to deploying it in their own laboratories, facilities, and operations.

Here are four steps most of our customers have gone through as phases of their journeys to microsampling success.

  1. Education

Thanks to the marvels of the internet, it is easily possible for all of those who are sufficiently interested to educate themselves in depth on microsampling technology, at no cost. All they have to do is dig into our extensive library of microsampling-related resources, including background information, supporting data, and past models for future success.

At some point in the education process, it will be time to speak with one of our Microsampling Specialists in person to determine what microsampling solution will best address your unique situation. This often begins with a phone call or teleconference, which can be easily scheduled right here.

  1. Evaluation

In the evaluation phase, you will receive your complimentary introductory sample of Mitra products and will use our tested step-by-step protocols to perform simple proof-of-concept studies using your devices.

After an initial hour-long teleconference, we will check in periodically to walk you through any areas in which you need help, leading to a mid-point review and a concluding review of your data set when it is time for you to move on to the validation phase.

  1. Validation

In concert with our R&D team, you will develop a robust bioanalytical method. Meanwhile, your Microsampling Specialist will be ever present and available to help work through the logistics of commercialization.

By the end of your validation, you will have accurately judged the quality, reliability, and consistency of the results you generated from the method you employed.

  1. Deployment

You are now ready to commercialize your use of Mitra microsampling devices and Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling technology for smarter, more convenient specimen collection - anywhere, anytime, by almost anyone. Congratulations - together, we made it look easy.

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