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Promega Publishes App Note on RNA Studies Using Mitra Devices

April 2024 — Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) announces the publication of a new application note from Promega for research customers that use dried specimens in genomic studies and related molecular biology projects. Research scientists are often unsure how long RNA will remain stable in specimen samples or how to safely ship the samples for RNA-based studies. Dried blood samples are typically more stable than liquid specimens (i.e., plasma or serum), so GenTegra LLC developed GenTegraRNA-NEO, an RNA-stabilization Active Chemical Protection™ technology for exclusive use with Trajan's Neoteryx® Mitra® microsampling devices based on VAMS® technology.

gentegra-rna-preservation-solution-dried-blood-collectionPromega researchers were early adopters of microsampling and the GenTegraRNA-NEO technology. They have reported that, as expected, RNA remains stable in blood collected on the pre-treated VAMS tips of Mitra devices at ambient temperatures for up to 7 days before extraction, allowing time for shipping samples to the lab for analysis.

Their app note describes an automated RNA purification method using dried blood microsamples collected on the pre-treated Mitra devices.

Promega Automates RNA Purification on Mitra Devices Using GenTegraRNA-NEO

Based on their early RNA-based research using Mitra devices that were treated in their lab with GenTegraRNA-NEO, Promega scientists developed an application note titled, "Automated RNA Purification from Blood on a Mitra® Device Treated
with RNA Stabilizer."

The app note demonstrates a method for purifying Total RNA, including miRNA, from whole blood collected on the VAMS® tips of Mitra devices. They also describe how they used the Promega Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Blood Kit and the Maxwell® RSC Instrument to process and analyze the samples.

The Maxwell® RSC Instruments and Kits are an easy-to-use automated nucleic acid extraction system that can seamlessly integrate into laboratory workflows. Maxwell® RSC Instruments have a compact design with flexible throughput options ranging from 1 to 48 samples. These instruments, along with the compatible Maxwell® RSC kits, ensure reliability through the use of prefilled cartridges and preprogrammed methods. Compatible with various sample types and a range of downstream applications, they provide fast, intuitive protocols for efficient nucleic acid extraction.

With this application note from Promega, research labs will understand how to automate RNA purification in Mitra microsamples for a range of metabolomics projects. 

Promega App Note

To get a copy of the application note, submit a form on this Neoteryx web page to gain access to the Microsampling Resource Library where Promega's app note is featured. Type "Promega" in the search field at the top of the library page to view and download this app note and two other app notes from the team at Promega.

For additional information about microsampling for RNA-based studies, please contact a Microsampling Specialist via the Neoteryx Contact Us page.

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Image Credits: Promega, iStock, Trajan

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