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extraction automation: process thousands of samples per day

automation-dried-blood-extraction-clinical-samplesAutomated extractions are one of many breakthroughs in microsampling technology that are currently altering the procedures and business of blood collection.

Remote sampling procedures make it easy for patients to self-sample wherever they are, whenever they need to do it. Then they can easily send those samples straight to a central lab, with no cold chain biohazard shipping or other unnecessary hassles and expenses.

What happens next is where things get interesting.

Mitra® samplers come equipped with trackable barcodes, making it easy to keep track of samples and get the information you need, when you need it. Once scanned, they fit easily into our 96 autoracks, which are designed with easy automated extractions in mind.

Lab-facing Mitra automation products allow you to move up to 96 samples at a time and extract them all together, optimizing assay precision. When you get going, you'll process hundreds or thousands of samples per day, ad hoc, without disrupting workflow, with equipment that fits right on your workbench.

With one day of simple training, you'll achieve faster turnarounds, at a fraction of the time, labor, and financial cost. And you'll cut your workload, eliminate troublesome systemic errors, and be part of a global movement in the direction of smarter healthcare.

Extraction automation is now easier, faster, and more convenient than was previously believed possible. You can now consider your lab well prepared for any growth you might expect or want to achieve.

Extraction methodology is compound-specific. The trained, seasoned and mindful Microsampling Specialists at Neoteryx are available with any help or guidance you may need as you embark on your journey of process improvement.

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In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only


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