Remote Collection of Clinical Blood Samples

Imagine a clinic without walls ... a clinical trial that reaches beyond borders.
Blood sample collection at home is revolutionizing science and healthcare.

Learn how you can use Mitra® microsamplers to provide study subjects & patients
a convenient way to self-collect specimen samples for mailing directly to the lab.

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A smarter alternative to traditional specimen collection methods like DBS & venipuncture

A major challenge of clinical studies is recruiting and retaining participants.
Frequent reasons cited for low recruitment and high dropout rates include:

  • lack of time and competing life demands
  • travel and logistical problems
  • lack of motivation

Similarly, patients undergoing therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), find regular clinic visits for tests to be burdensome, leading to poor adherence, compliance, and patient experience.

Remote specimen collection with Mitra® microsamplers eliminates frequent clinic visits for tests, reducing the burden on patients and breaking the barriers to study participation.

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You Can Apply Home Blood Collection to Drive Advancements in:

Epidemiological Research

Clinical Trials

Home Blood Testing Kits

Thearapeutic Drug Monitoring

home blood collection that is convenient, simple, precise

To overcome barriers to subject recruitment and retention, many study sponsors provide dried blood spot (DBS) cards to participants for convenient home blood collection. Yet, traditional DBS cards have significant disadvantages. DBS cards are difficult to use, leading to many low-quality samples that cannot be included in studies. Labs seek alternatives to DBS that would still enable subjects to self-collect blood samples at home. 

Enter the Mitra® microsampler, which is designed for dried blood sampling with precision. This easy-to-use device allows participants to self-collect an accurate blood specimen at home. The Mitra offers the convenience of home blood collection and the same benefits as DBS, but overcomes the disadvantages of DBS to consistently deliver reliable results.

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6 Ways Mitra® Microsampling Technology Improves Compliance

Reliable Samples

High sample quality, precise volume
(< 4% RSD), and secured blood collection

Patient Friendly

 Simply touch the Mitra® device tip to a blood drop and watch it absorb in seconds

Simple Logistics

No need for frequent clinic visits, cold-chain shipping, or freezers for storage


Send Mitra samples through the mail and process them using installed lab robotics

Dried Blood Expertise

>100 Mitra manuscripts and a staff of microsampling experts to support you

Dependable Results

Volumetric blood collection enables correlation with standard reference ranges

Custom Mitra Blood Collection Kits:
everything you need for remote sampling, all in one place.

Make our Mitra Blood Collection Kits your own! Components, branding, and training materials can be customized to your needs. 


Our remote collection kits include:

  • Mitra microsampler device (see formats)
  • Lancets for finger-stick collection
  • Alcohol pads to clean the site
  • Sterile gauze pads / bandages
  • Return shipment pouch / envelope
  • Easy-to-read instructions for use

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Mitra is an FDA Class 1 exempt medical device in the US, CE-IVD self-certified in the UK and EU, a Class 1 IVD in Australia, and is registered with Health Canada. Neoteryx is set up in the Ariba Network and is a registered vendor of, the official US Government registration services for business contractors.


Hear What Our Customers Say About Microsampling

“Researchers have considerable experience using these at-home blood collection kits to track the spread of other infectious diseases like influenza, and this method is safe, effective and easy-to-use. With a small finger-pick, volunteers can help scientists fight COVID-19 from their homes.”
Kaitlyn Sadtler, PhD, Study Lead for Laboratory Testing and Chief, NIH NIBIB’s Section for Immunoengineering

“One of the greatest advantages we have been able to appreciate about Mitra® with VAMS® technology is the simplicity and rapidity of use, while maintaining high performance and guaranteeing the reliability of quali-quantitative analytical data."  
– Laura Mercolini, PhD, Pharmacy and Biotechnology Research Head, University of Bologna, Italy  

“We use the blood collection kit at home for our son, who is a kidney transplant recipient. The kit has easy instructions, a finger-prick tool & supplies to collect the samples. We use the included shipping envelopes to post samples to our son’s care provider. The kit saves us time and unnecessary trips to the clinic.”  
– Mrs. Lego | Transplant Patient Parent, USA 

"VAMS technology allows convenient at-home monitoring and is minimally invasive. It also offers efficiencies in the clinical setting, as providers will have blood results in hand before meeting with the patient."  
– Dr. Christophe Stove | Ghent University Hospital 

"“For our biomarker analysis by chromatography and mass spectrometry using biological samples, the Mitra® with VAMS® technology has allowed us a rapid and effective tuning and validation process, providing a boost to all the optimization steps. In this way, we were able to concentrate on the stability study with a solid and reliable methodology available."  
– Michele Protti, Phd, Pharmacy & Biotechnology Research Scientist, University of Bologna, Italy

From preclinical research to clinical trials to patient monitoring, the future of blood sampling is here.  

Safer, simpler, smarter, and more convenient. 

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