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  1. Supporting a Paediatric Study Using Wet and Dry Samples - Analytical Considerations and Clinical Aspects | Collaboration between GSK and Leicester Hospital - DOWNLOAD

  2. Mitra Sampling for Immunosuppressants Analysis of Outpatients | Department of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy University Medical Center Groningen DOWNLOAD

  3. Application of Mitra Microsampling For The Quantification of Antibiotics - Ppossible use for therapeutic drug monitoring in pediatrics | Gaslini children’s Hospital DOWNLOAD

  4. Volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS) and LC–MS/MS Analysis For Simultaneous Monitoring of 16 Antiepileptic Drugs - Workflow development and validation | Clinical Pathology and Medical Genetic Unit - Clinical Pharmacology Service Carlo Besta Neurological Institute Foundation DOWNLOAD

  5. Immunosuppressant Monitoring by LC-MS/MS Using Mitra™ Microsampling Devices | Mayo Clinic DOWNLOAD

  6. LC-HRMS analysis of 216 patient micro-volume blood samples to allow clinical assessment of medication adherence | Leicester School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University DOWNLOAD

  7. development of an immunoassay for IGF-1 in blood using microsampling - For monitoring transsphenoidal surgery patients | Christie Pathology Partnership DOWNLOAD



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 The Mitra Microsampler class I medical device is for direct specimen collection of blood and other biological fluids. It is not specific to any clinical test, and is not for use in diagnostic procedures. Use of the Mitra Microsampler in Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) requires further processing including the establishment of performance characteristics and successful validation by the laboratory in a manner consistent with CLIA requirements. Limit one evaluation device per attendee. Evaluation device subject to availability.