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phenomenex announces spin-off of a microsampling technology company – neoteryx llc

Torrance, CA (July 16, 2014) Phenomenex Inc. revealed it will be spinning off a biological sampling focused company named Neoteryx LLC. The name Neoteryx is derived from the word neoteric, meaning new or modern, and conveys the new start-up’s mission to deliver novel microsampling products that provide less invasive, simpler, and cost-effective solutions for collecting biological samples.

Four years of internal research and development coupled with a co-development program with major American and European pharmaceutical companies resulted in the revolutionary Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology. This technology and relating intellectual property developed at Phenomenex have been transferred to Neoteryx for the company to begin manufacturing products for the collection, transport, and storage of biological fluids. Neoteryx’s first product release is the patent pending Mitra® (RUO) Microsampling Device, which collects 10 µL of fluid in seconds without volumetric blood hematocrit bias. Neoteryx will continue to expand the technology portfolio in order to keep its funnel of novel microsampling products full.

“I am excited to introduce Neoteryx, and even more so its novel technologies and products. The Mitra (RUO) Microsampling Device was officially launched at ASMS 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland”, says Mr. Fasha Mahjoor, Neoteryx CEO. “The response was overwhelmingly positive and all indications point to this device revolutionizing and simplifying how biological fluid sampling is performed. I look forward to the research-use-only Mitra (RUO) Microsampler making an immediate and lasting impact in the pharmaceutical industry and future Neoteryx products supporting clinical research and other industries.”


The Mitra device is for direct specimen collection of blood and other biological fluids. It is not specific to any clinical test, and is not for use in diagnostic procedures. Use of the Mitra Microsampler in Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) requires further processing including the establishment of performance characteristics and successful validation by the laboratory in a manner consistent with CLIA requirements.

Find out how scientists apply remote microsampling in decentralized research & pediatric studies around the globe.

In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only


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