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Neoteryx Releases New Tech Guide on Dried Sample Storage

by Neoteryx, on February 14,2022

February 2022 — Device company Neoteryx, which is now part of the Trajan Scientific and Medical family, announces the release of a new tech note for research customers that use dried specimens in multi-center studies, longitudinal studies and bio-banking projects. Research scientists and laboratories are often unsure how long specimen samples will remain stable or how to safely bank them in cryostorage for future bioanalysis. While dried specimens are typically more stable than liquid specimens (i.e., plasma or serum), storage durations and temperatures may vary based on which analytes are to be extracted.

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To help answer researchers' questions about when, where and for how long they can safely store dried specimen microsamples that have been collected on Mitra® devices with VAMS® technology, Neoteryx created a new resource called, "Technical Guidance: Short- and Long-term Storage Instructions for Dried Mitra® Specimens."

With this technical guide, research labs will understand how to properly store microsamples for a range of projects using methods that eliminate sample waste, prevent contamination, and keep specimens stable and viable for future bioanalysis. 

Storage Tech Guide Graphic

To get a copy of the specimen storage tech guide, or to learn more about transitioning from liquid sampling to dried specimen microsampling with Mitra® devices based on VAMS® technology, contact a Microsampling Specialist by emailing the Neoteryx team at:

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