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introducing the HemaTIP™, a microsampling product from Charles River Laboratories

Charles River Laboratories has just introduced the HemaTIP™, its 360 Diagnostics™ offering of Neoteryx’s Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology.

In preclinical trials, collecting serum through traditional methods requires the use of many animals and reliance on satellite populations, creates stress for the animals that can skew results, and demands a large investment of money, time, and labor.

Exclusive to Charles River, the HemaTIP™ microsampler, based on Neoteryx's VAMS technology, simplifies this process. It facilitates specimen collection with a user-friendly stylus. When compared to existing blood collection methods, HemaTIP™ was found to be more versatile, easier to use, and less invasive.

One of the world’s most powerful laboratory services organizations, Charles River supplies biomedical products and R&D outsourcing to the pharmaceutical industry. The company was founded in 1947 by a veterinarian who set up a one-man laboratory in Boston with thousands of rat cages purchased from a Virginia farm. Today, its customers include every major pharmaceutical and biotechnology company in the world, along with major academic institutions and government research organizations.

Click here for a wealth of resources on the HemaTIP, how to use it, and its applications.

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In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only


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