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pediatrics: what microsampling means for families

pediatrics young child holding a red baloon waiting for doctor check-up appointmentMicrosampling has captured special attention in recent years due to the innovative nature of the concepts and the benefits it brings. Its proliferation means a lot for the future of pediatrics in particular.

The following are some of the changes that this technique is likely to drive in pediatrics.

Increased Convenience

Pediatricians and others are now enabled to collect small amounts of blood at any place and at any time. For them to do this, they only require modest training. This allows convenience since the experience can be applied to blood sampling in remote locations such as patient homes. It also avoids the stressful puncture of veins to withdraw the blood from the young patients. Microsampling can also increase treatment compliance as it makes the whole process less stressful and alienating.

Reduced Sample Volumes

Pediatric blood microsampling can realize a great reduction of sample volumes. Ideally, a microsample should contain a sample of as little as 10-30 µl, which is ideal for the newborn babies when testing for any disorders. This is bearing in mind that through clinical research and clinical trials, technical approaches and inventions are continuing to be refined. The bioanalysis field, therefore, remains in a flexible position to accommodate new inventions.

Simplified Processes

The use of dried blood spots (DBS) has greatly simplified the process of sampling and handling of collected samples. By making dried blood collection quantitative, microsampling represents a simple yet world-changing improvement over traditional DBS cards. The microsampling devices can be shipped, stored, or desiccated at room temperature. This means that freezers and dry ice are not needed in shipping of the samples.

Improved Lives

This technique is promising in terms of improved patient experience for young patients, especially those with low blood volumes.

The future of pediatrics is going to be better. It will be easy, fast and convenient to diagnose any disorder without having to obtain a lot of blood from the child. To start with, the patient does not have to go through the painful venipuncture experience, only a small prick to obtain a small amount of blood.

Find out how scientists apply remote microsampling in decentralized research & pediatric studies around the globe.

In some territories our devices are supplied for therapeutic or IVD use Outside of those territories our devices are supplied for research use only


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