provide a more comfortable and  convenient pediatrics experience for young patients


Children and Caregivers Prefer Microsampling

A needless blood sampling option for pediatric patients

Compared to venipuncture blood draws, the Mitra® Microsampler provides a better experience for young patients. The current adoption of microsampling in pediatrics is only beginning. 


Learn more about remarkable results already being achieved by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Gaslini Children's Hospital, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, & more:

  • With home sampling, children - and the adults that love them - can skip the drive to and from the lab for blood draws
  • VAMS™ technology is used for remote blood collection to monitor HbA1c, therapeutic drugs, and malnutrition
  • Experience logistical benefits with Mitra® devices vs. DBS card in low resourced regions
  • Simplify the way finger-stick blood samples are collected from children while reducing their needle anxiety