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Children and Caregivers Prefer Remote Specimen Collection & Microsampling

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A needless blood sampling option for pediatric patients

At-home specimen collection using a simple finger-prick with a lancet

Pediatric patients are often traumatized by blood draws, which poses challenges for clinicians who rely on blood testing to monitor children in their care. One solution is offering a less invasive alternative to venipuncture blood draws. The Mitra® Microsampler is a portable device designed for at-home specimen collection using a simple finger-prick with a lancet. This provides a better experience for young patients. Remote samples can be mailed directly to the lab for analysis, and blood test results can be accessed by healthcare providers and clinical trial managers. 

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Learn more about the remarkable results already being achieved by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Gaslini Children's Hospital, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, and more:

  • With home sampling, children and their caregivers can skip the drive to and from the clinic or lab for blood draws
  • Mitra® devices with VAMS® technology are used for remote blood collection to monitor HbA1c, therapeutic drugs, and malnutrition
  • Experience logistical benefits with Mitra® devices vs. DBS cards in low-resource regions around the globe
  • Simplify blood collection in pediatric patients by switching to at-home finger-prick sampling to reduce needle anxiety