Pediatrics | Blood Microsampling

VAMS micro capillary blood sampling allows you to collect small volumes from home.  Avoid stressful / painful venipuncture and inconvenient travel time to a clinic. Provide a more comfortable and pleasant experience for your young participants. The application of microsampling can be used in pediatric therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) as well PK/PD studies.

Download these case studies to see what others have achieved in the area of pediatrics by using Mitra microsampling technology.

  • Midazolam Measurement and Modelling in Pediatrics using Matrix Samplers (University of Leicester)
  • Supporting a Pediatric Study Using Wet and Dry Samples (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Application of Mitra Microsampling for Quantification of Antibiotics - Possible Uses for TDM in Pediatrics (Gaslini Children’s Hospital)