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venipuncture is outdated. what's the alternative?


Traditional venipuncture for blood testing is a resource-heavy service for hospitals and independent labs to provide as well as an inconvenience for patients. Accurate diagnoses, drug development, and research findings from blood samples are crucial to medical advancement and patient care, but there’s got to be something better than venipuncture. The time has finally come.

The new, refined method for blood sample collection is known as microsampling. This innovative method, long used in neonatal settings, makes diagnosing and monitoring patients much simpler. Blood microsampling can save your organization money, increase lab staff productivity and send patient satisfaction soaring. The cumbersome, slow and inefficient venipuncture blood sampling process has been revolutionized into a simple, straightforward process for animal research and drug trials as well. Venipuncture has become outdated because:

  • With microsampling, doctors, clinics and labs receive accurate blood test results faster, at lower cost than ever before.
  • Portable, automated collection eliminates the need to send patients to separate lab/clinic for venipuncture.
  • Accurate blood testing and toxicology results are now available in a more efficient, comfortable and modern manner for patients, with only a drop of blood collected.
  • No need for large blood sample collection, storage, transport and processing. More specifically, accurate analysis (other than local/systemic exposure studies) can be obtained via microsampling with just 20 percent of the blood volume typically collected by venipuncture.
  • Serial retesting is less onerous for drug trials and fewer research subjects may be needed.

Learn more about the refined process of microsampling, an innovative, simplified, and improved alternative to venipuncture. Contact a microsampling specialist today.

Click to download our microsampling case studies on those who switched from venipuncture to capillary blood sampling with the Mitra microsampler

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