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how to draw blood at home the easy way: using a home blood draw kit

Mitra at home collection kit with 4 sampler clamshell In the past, at-home blood collection was mostly limited to fingerstick tests such as blood sugar. You had to drive to the laboratory and sit in an uncomfortable chair until they called your name. Many people have fragile or rolling veins, so the process was often difficult and stressful. You were lucky if the tech was able to get the blood on the first stick.

Now we have the technology for at-home sampling, be it for clinical trials, therapeutic drug monitoring, or one of any number of other exciting applications. With a Neoteryx™ blood collection kit, you can sit at your kitchen table and have the sample ready for mailing in approximately five minutes. The process is easy and requires only that you follow the directions.


  • Open the kit, keeping all materials untouched.
  • Remove the instructions and READ them. This is essential. Read before proceeding with the process.
  • With the instructions open in front of you, remove the lancets and twist off the tops. Place them next to you.
  • Next is the Mitra® clamshell. It is a flat plastic box. Open it without touching the inside and put it next to the lancets.
  • There is a small, sterile gauze packet in the kit. Open the package and put the gauze next in line.
  • Open the adhesive bandage package. Remove one of the backing strips, and place it face down in line.
  • The aluminum bag containing desiccant is next. Open the bag above the zipper top and put it next to the bandage.
  • The white shipping envelope has a self-sealing flap. Remove the paper backing to expose the adhesive strip.


  • Wash and dry your hands.
  • Position the lancet on your fingertip, pressing down until it clicks.
  • Squeeze the finger until you have a good drop of blood.
  • Hold the clamshell upside down and touch the tip of the little pipette to the blood. Hold it there until the tip is full of blood. Repeat until all 4 Mitra tips are full.
  • Wipe off the blood with the gauze and apply the bandage.
  • Close the clamshell and put it in the aluminum bag. Close the bag with the zipper top, making sure it is sealed securely.
  • Place the aluminum bag in the shipping envelope and seal it. Mail it the same day for best results.



At home sampling with the Mitra Blood Collection Kit is quick and easy, and the fear of someone digging into your arm with a long needle may soon be a thing of the past.

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