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neoteryx launches podcast featuring key leaders in microsampling

Neoteryx is thrilled to announce the launch of its new “Microsamplify™ Podcast,” a partner to the blogs we offer on our website. The Microsamplify™ Podcast will amplify the importance of using remote blood collection with precise Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology to modernize research sciences and medicine.

We will highlight the many applications of at-home or remote microsampling through a series of conversations with key thought leaders in the industries we serve. Featured guest speakers will include researchers and executives from international pharmaceutical and clinical research organizations, directors from laboratory facilities, providers from healthcare institutions, and coordinators of clinical trials and wellness programs.


Bringing You Insights and New Perspectives on Microsampling in the Modern Age

The Microsamplify Podcast will be hosted by Neoteryx staff members. In each episode we will interview an expert who applies microsampling to modernize research science and healthcare.

The aim of The Microsamplify Podcast? To keep listeners updated on all the amazing ways our customers in science and healthcare are using our innovative technology to catalyze their own innovations. From enabling virtual clinical trials and telehealth for monitoring remote patients in hard-to-reach areas, or developing new drugs and discovering new applications for “old” drugs, our speakers will illustrate how remote blood microsampling is helping them power their workflow, drive insights, access more patients, and improve outcomes.

Tune in for Up-to-the-Minute Soundbites from Microsampling Innovators

You can subscribe to our podcast to receive a notification each time we post a new conversation with a thought leader. You will also be able to find new episodes on Apple iTunes, PodBean, Google Play or Spotify. You can tune into your favorite podcast platform and listen from your car, your lab bench or desk, and anywhere in between!

If you prefer to read our interview with the expert, you have that option. Each podcast recording will be accompanied by a blog article that presents the same interview in a Q&A article format.

Click the link to listen to our inaugural podcast: microsamplify Ep. 01 – virtual clinical trials with remote microsampling launch at CTC, Sweden
Episode 1 features Anders Millerhovf, CEO of Clinical Trial Consultants (CTC) in Sweden, discussing the evolving CRO industry in Scandinavia. Mr. Millerhovf provides a context for how and why CTC launched virtual clinical trials. CTC coordinated at-home blood microsampling options and e-solutions for remote monitoring of trial recruits. These solutions expanded the pool of trial participants, and the success of this first virtual trial inspired CTC to further expand its services.

Coming Soon:
James Rudge, PhD, Technical Director at Neoteryx, speaks with Dr. JJ Kim in the UK about how a special program at the NHS is using Mitra blood micro-sampling kits to make life a little easier for pediatric patients who are taking immunosuppressive drugs after receiving organ transplants.

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