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microsampling in preclinical research: interview w/ Dr. Janne Mannila

drug-development-animal-testingOur customers are achieving breakthroughs in preclinical animal research. A shining example is the work involving in vivo PK studies that's happening at the Finnish company Admescope.

"Mitra is very handy when taking samples from rodents and especially with mice as you can take up to 6-8 blood samples from the same mouse over the 24-hour period in a basic PK study," says Dr. Janne Mannila, Head of In Vivo PK Studies at Admescope.

"With the traditional sampling method, you can only take 1-2 samples from a single mouse in such a study and you would have to use 3-4 animals to get all the endpoints for the PK profile which leaves room for error on the basis of physiological variation between individual animals," says Dr. Mannila. "This can be avoided by using microsampling. Also, with microsampling you can greatly reduce the number of test animals needed for a single study leading to reduced costs and of course better adherence to the 3R principle. In addition, our lab technicians really like using Mitra for sampling as it is very easy to use. The samples don’t require freezing and even the preparation for LC-MS analysis is straightforward."

Read the rest of the interview with Dr. Mannila on the official Admescope blog!

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