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microsampling in medtech: a brief introduction

by Neoteryx | 1 min read


Medical technology, also known as "healthtech" or "medtech," manifests in a wide range of products tailored for smarter healthcare for the human population. The innovation of these technologies is meant to improve the delivery of healthcare in a number of ways.

Earlier diagnoses - Medtech has enabled the field of medicine to be able to make earlier diagnosis of various diseases, sometimes even before the onset of any physical symptoms. As a result, this gives the patient a better fighting chance before the disease becomes more aggressive.

Reduction of time spent in hospitals - With smarter healthcare, it is possible to get and keep more detailed, more useful records of patients' histories. This enables practitioners to pinpoint a patient’s problem early enough and get to the point of treatment. This can reduce the patients' stays in hospitals.

Cost reduction - Even with health insurance, medical expenses can be substantial. Therefore, the development of devices that do not require a patient to travel to the hospital or a doctor’s appointment serves as a relief. This saves the patient both time and money spent seeking help from a hospital. The smartest medtech devices can detect problems before they present as physical symptoms, therefore empowering practitioners to solve problems before they become more serious and much, much more potentially expensive.

Introduction of less invasive treatment options - Microsampling is one of the most important advancement in biological fluid collection for patients and practitioners. It enables doctors to collect very small amounts of fluid samples to be used in the lab for tests. With a single prick on the finger, it is possible to collect a blood sample that can be used for various medical purposes. This is a less invasive method that can deliver results correlating with those associated with plasma and venipuncture. This ensures comfort for the patients, works in concert with innovative medtech solutions, and connects the biggest ideas in medtech with the stuff of human life.

Big changes are being predicted for the next ten years of healthtech and medtech. Microsampling technology has already prompted breakthroughs in patient monitoring. Now more and more new medtech solutions will include microsampling component. Now is the time to learn more.

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Originally published Aug 1, 2019 8:01:00 AM, updated on August 1, 2019

Topics:Alternative to VenipunctureRemote Patient Monitoring