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7 key wellness tests you can do with dried blood samples at home

In today's digital age, why wait in long queues at labs or clinics for blood tests? Direct-to-consumer home health kits are now revolutionizing how we monitor our health. These convenient kits can provide crucial insights, offering the chance to collaborate with your physician based on real data, all from the comfort of home.

Understanding Home Health Kits for Blood Sampling

Home health kits aren't intended to replace your healthcare provider. Instead, they act as a supplementary tool, allowing both you and your doctor to track health trends over time.

collection kit

For those managing chronic conditions, these kits can significantly reduce the necessity for frequent clinic visits. They are especially helpful for patients under long-term drug therapies, such as hormone replacement or immunosuppressants, which demand regular blood monitoring. Besides this medical need, various wellness companies now offer kits aimed at general health screening.

Why Home Blood Sampling Kits Are More Relevant Now

Global health challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic, have made in-person clinic visits a potential health risk. With healthcare staff operating in shifts and patient appointments being spaced out, in-clinic visits are limited to essential procedures. Home health kits offer a safe alternative. They've even been used for rapid COVID-19 testing and antibody tests.

The Simplicity of DIY Blood Collection

Gone are the days when blood collection meant multiple vials drawn by a phlebotomist. Advanced medical devices now empower you to collect your blood samples.

Take the Mitra® microsampler from Neoteryx as an example. This innovative tool allows anyone to gather a precise blood sample using just a finger-prick. The collected blood dries on the device and is analyzed as a dried sample. Such microsamples, when processed in specialized labs, offer insights equivalent to traditional "wet" blood tests.

Post-collection, samples are sent to a lab for analysis. The results, stored in a secure digital system, offer critical data to inform healthcare decisions. These decisions could range from medication adjustments to lifestyle changes.

A pair of gloved hands holds a mitra microsampler in a laboratory setting.

Wellness companies are integrating the Mitra® device into their home kits. Notable ones include Exagen Diagnostics, for you eHealth and Physicians Lab.

Wellness Tests You Can Conduct with Dried Blood Samples:

  1. Steroids, Hormones, & Fatty Acids
  2. Vitamins
  3. Minerals
  4. Proteins, Peptides, & Amino Acids
  5. Heavy Metals
  6. Health Biomarkers
  7. STDs

lab tests compatible with dried blood microsamples-1

Click here to view full-sized version of the wellness testing chart.

These home-based blood collection methods not only benefit individual health consumers but also aid public health studies. Research institutions like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and universities are using Mitra® devices to promote citizen science. These efforts help track diseases like COVID-19 and monitor community immunity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern home health kits provide a convenient way to monitor health and wellness.
  • The need for such kits has increased due to global health challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Advanced devices like the Mitra® microsampler allow easy collection of dried blood samples.
  • These samples can be used for a variety of tests, from hormone levels to STDs.
  • Apart from individual health tracking, these devices are playing a pivotal role in broader public health studies.

For physicians and wellness companies seeking labs that process dried blood microsamples, please visit the Neoteryx Lab Directory online to search labs in your area.

Visit our Lab Directory to find Microsampling Labs & CROs that serve your needs.

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