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better clinical laboratory workflow with microsampling

A medical office typical of a clinical trial experimentWe live in an age of simplification and streamlining, in which important things seem to be getting ever smaller. In clinical labs, executives and lab directors are in search of new ways in which to eliminate waste, make operations more efficient, and implement a smarter and simpler clinical laboratory workflow.

There are numerous schools of thought on how to improve clinical lab workflow. One new technology worth exploring is microsampling.

This revolutionary blood collection technology carries a whole host of implications that can impact lab operations, potentially making clinical lab workflow less cumbersome, less expensive, and more in tune with overall trends of process improvement.

Here are a few key ways in which implementing microsampling can improve clinical laboratory workflow.

Remote Sampling

With minimal training, patients and study participants can collect their own samples, anywhere, anytime. For them, that means less travel, less hassle, and less time in the waiting room, because their number of lab visits are reduced. For you, that frees up significant staff, time, space, and energy in the lab, which can be applied to more fruitful endeavors.

Eliminating Venipuncture

You can now apply volumetric absorptive microsampling in the lab to replace traditional venipuncture blood draws and wet blood samples. The patented VAMS® technology is a quantitative, volumetrically accurate dried blood collection technology; which have been shown to be a viable alternative to venipuncture blood collection in many cases. According to the medical and scientific literature, Mitra devices can generate results that correlate with data from wet blood samples.

Eliminating Cold Chain Shipping and Storage

With microsampling, specimens dry on the device under ambient conditions, and can then be sent to central labs through standard post. There is no need for centrifuge, transfer, freezing, or the costly equipment and labor those require.

Automated Extractions

Numerous analytes can be extracted from a Mitra® device using common solvents. There is no thawing necessary. And exciting and innovative solutions are available for extraction automation, customized to the needs of improving your clinical workflow.

Getting Results

The correct use of microsampling technology generates results that correlate with those associated with plasma and wet blood, through accepted techniques, including immunoassay and LC-MS/MS.




Ready to learn more about what you can do with microsampling? Reach out to a Microsampling Specialist, and discover how this next-generation dried blood sampling technology will improve clinical workflow and change clinical and hospital labs for the better.

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