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download a variety of thrid parrty case studies proving the adoption of blood microsampling in clinical trials

Microsampling plays a significant role in streamlining the new wave of virtual clinical trials. It helps make the lives of participants easier and facilitates the gathering of real-time data to advance medicine and knowledge.


Access this research bundle to learn more about these advantages of remote, volumetric dried blood sampling in clinical trials and research:

  • Collect blood more frequently as well as at the time of a critical event
  • Improve subject retention by offering an alternative to clinic visits
  • Reduce clinic visit costs by replacing them with self-collection at home
  • Generate dependable bioanalytical data in a central lab  
Unlike past DBS options Mitra has time and time again yielded results that correlate to venipuncture results

Improve Subject Retention

Clinical trials are at the heart of all medical advances, making the accuracy of the data critical aspects of research and development. And with more and more studies pointing to strong correlations between specimens collected with Mitra® and traditional blood sampling - simpler can also be better.

  • Generate data from capillary blood that correlates strongly with that from plasma
  • Collect blood more frequently from participants for better insights
  • Deliver a reliable specimen volume without volumetric HCT bias (unlike DBS cards)
  • Accession and process hundreds to thousands of samples per day at the central lab by reformatting Mitra samples from cartridge to 96-plate format
  • The ability to self-sample remotely makes the Mitra® microsampler ideal for worldwide / international clinical trials

Three Ways Mitra® Microsampling Technology Improves Recruiting and Compliance 

Easy to Use

After just one training session, participants are ready to self-collect an accurate PK blood sample every time – wherever they may be.


Remote sampling offers flexibility, making patient recruitment for clinical trials more feasible by offering a convenient alternative to clinic visits.

Simple Logistics

Mitra collection kits offer global clinical trials the ability to just sample-and-send, eliminating the costs and hassles associated with cold chain shipping.