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decentralized clinical trials: improved recruitment & retention


Our Virtual Clinical Trials Resources reveal how easy it is to use remote blood sampling & telecommunications to run a successful decentralized, hybrid or virtual clinical trial.

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A primer on running virtual clinical trials with remote sampling

Your biggest hurdles in running clinical trials? Finding, recruiting and retaining trial subjects who object to frequent site visits and stressful blood draws. What if your trial participants could skip the site visits and stressful blood draws? Make it easy for people to participate in your clinical trial from home by using remote blood collection devices and kits. Read how researchers and trial sponsors use Mitra Blood Collection Kits and a range of e-Solutions to eliminate in-person visits. Remote sampling overcomes the most common objections to clinical trials: time & the burden of participation.

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This innovative CRO helps you take clinical trials out of the clinic with remote sampling! 

Altasciences, a contract research organization offering end-to-end drug development and bioanalytical services, helps drug trial managers leverage remote blood collection and microsampling to improve efficiencies and expand trial capacity without sacrificing accuracy and sensitivityTheir labs are optimized for processing remote blood samples collected by trial subjects and sent through the mailAs early adopters of remote Mitra® devices with VAMS®  technology from Neoteryx, the Altasciences team has experience and expertise in supporting virtual clinical trials. Watch the video to learn more!

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What are the benefits of virtual clinical trials?

Are virtual clinical trials better? How feasible are they? Find answers to these questions and more by reading studies and case examples in our Virtual Clinical Trials Resource Bundle. Experts from CROs, labs, universities and research organizations describe how remote sampling allows them to generate data that correlates to the plasma gold standard, and helps them: 

Increase trial diversity & recruit subjects globally

Improve staff efficiency & lower your study costs 

Simplify sample shipping & eliminate cold storage 

Collect more samples at additional time points

Offer convenient, precise specimen collection at home

Gain key insights on drug dosing, toxicity & efficacy 

Organizations using remote sampling to run
virtual clinical trials

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Hear what our customers say about remote microsampling

In the US, use of the Mitra device is limited to research and non-diagnostic applications. In many countries outside the US, the Mitra device can be used as
a sample collection device for clinical diagnostic applications, as referenced in some content included here. 

 We aimed to overcome the challenges of conducting PK studies in children, which require repeated blood sampling. We found that collecting blood samples onto Mitra tips was simple; training to collect blood with Mitra was achieved in a relatively short period of time; management and storage of Mitra tips is easy (unlike wet samples); Mitra tips are superior to dried blood spots...

Dr Paul Abu-Rabie 
Future Analytical & Control Technologies (FACT), PDS, GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, UK

We receive samples from all over the world, and patients who often have physical disabilities must sometimes travel extensively for sample collection, so there was interest in the ability of microsampling to alleviate logistical, financial, and patient-experience-related concerns. Mitra® offers benefits over traditional dried blood spot, or DBS, sampling, which was being used for monitoring of select patients, but was felt to limit service quality.

Joseph Taylor, 
PhD, Clinical Chemist, The National Centre for Alkaptonuria, hosted by The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals 

CTC’s broad spectrum of services attracts many different organizations both from the Pharma-MedTech industry, and from the CRO industry itself. Many CROs lack access to clinical research units and high recruiting SMOs in the Nordic countries. Our holding company acquired a top GLP bioanalysis lab, Lablytica AB. This lab will be responsible for the analysis of blood microsamples, and they will be a key component of our future virtual studies. They are already heavily involved in several of our human clinical trials, for which we have collected samples remotely via microsampling. 

Anders Millerhovf, CEO and Co-founderClinical Trial Consultants (CTC), Sweden 

One of the greatest advantages we have been able to appreciate about Mitra® with VAMS® technology is the simplicity and rapidity of use, while maintaining high performance and guaranteeing the reliability of quali-quantitative analytical data.

Laura Mercolini, PhD, Pharmacy & Biotechnology Research Head, University of Bologna, Italy

With Mitra®  devices, collecting the blood sample requires only one minute, no more. There is no pain associated with the process, and no excess bleeding. It takes just a few more minutes to register the samples, to place them in an envelope, to put a stamp on it, and to drop it in the mailbox.

Dr. Bruno Journe, Specialist in Addictology, Paris, France 

From preclinical research to clinical trials to patient monitoring, the future of blood sampling is here.  

Safer-at-home, simpler, smarter, and more convenient. 



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